There was a time when having a CRM in place was one of the coolest things to do for your business. Especially in an unorganized sector like the Indian real estate, it was a sign of the progressive times that consultants and brokers adapted to the technology (albeit hesitantly). These days, however, it has become imperative that anybody who calls himself a real estate agent has to have a decent CRM in place in order to attract and convert relevant leads.

Building a CRM strategy is one of the most important things that will benefit your organisation!

But will having a CRM in itself will be enough to stand out from the competition? Does it guarantee success when an agent buys himself a CRM?


No. Now, it is time to go beyond just installing a CRM. It is the time to work out a CRM strategy that will help you harness the Most Unexceptional features of your CRM, and goes beyond just answering the questions that your lead comes up with. A successful CRM strategy is one which puts you in control of the CRM. From the dashboard, you should be able to manage all your leads, properties, projects, and communication so that your workload is decreased and you are able to better allocate your resources.

Here is an article that helps you understand more about designing and implementing a CRM strategy:

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