Lease property management

Lease, is a transfer of the right to enjoy the concerned property for a pre-defined time period or in perpetuity. The lessor (owner of the property) gives the lessee (the one leasing the property) such consideration periodically, usually at the beginning or end of a lease agreement.
License does not allow any interest in the premises on the licensee’s part. It merely gives the licensee the right to use and occupy the premises for a limited duration.

The cardinal distinction between a lease and a license is that in a lease there is a transfer of interest in the premises, whereas in the case of a license there is no transfer of interest, although the licensee acquires a right to occupy the premises. When premises are given out on lease or tenancy basis the legal possession of the premises in these cases is also deemed to be transferred to the lessee and tenant respectively.

In case of real estate consultants, typically such properties constitute a major part of their business. Again, the properties can be of residential or commercial types. Keeping track of all properties can be a tedious task which can be simplified manifold by the use of a Property Management Software. Such powerful software equips property management companies with next-generation tools to drive optimum profitability from their real estate investments. One could then manage lease agreements, mortgages, licenses, maintenance agreements and virtually any other type of document or contract. You could set alerts for expiring leases in property software for agents. Other features of use include contact management, data import and export, PDF/Excel reporting, email integration, payment tracking, etc. Realty Redefined offers an effective solution to manage all your lease and license properties as well.

How does property management software help real estate organizations?

Property Management Software is the backbone of any real estate organization. Especially in today’s competitive climate in the real estate sector, every company must take full advantage of all the sources of information to collate real estate inventory information from the market and should be organized effectively.

RSquare – Real estate Property Management Software not only helps you maintain property records and requirement information effectively but also enables you to search for relevant information.

The property management software will help you

  • Maintain all your residential/commercial lease and outright properties
  • Manage the property portfolio by
    • Entering all the property details with photographs and videos
    • Tracking inspections that happen on the property
    • Track the communication that has happened on the property
  • Track lease agreement expiry in case of leased properties
  • Keep a track of payments (receivable & payable) reducing paperwork
  • Email / SMS the property and requirement information from the property management software to your contact and investor groups.

RSquare software will help you increase your lead pool thus increasing the chances of conversion.

Organized effort is the first step to success!

Organized effort is the first step to success!

Everybody knows what a hassle it is to find a roof overhead in Mumbai. For a city that is known for its hospitality, it is a huge problem finding one decent place to live. Whether you are a student just landed in the city, or have been working here for a while who wants to look for a better place, the battle is long and tiring. You keep approaching brokers who promise you the moon but cannot even show a satisfactory place to live!

It is very easy in such situations to blame the real estate broker/ consultant. It is true that they are responsible for finding you a place, after all they do charge hefty amounts, but every broker has his own side of the story too. He has a large number of properties and projects, and more keep coming up everyday. The number of leads that he gets also is increasing rapidly. The way he sees it, he is doing the very Most Unexceptional he can and showing you all the places he thinks you will like. But obviously, since the data is so disorganized, it is all a chaos!


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