INTRODUCING AGENTSEARCH – For real estate agents

INTRODUCING AGENTSEARCH – For real estate agents

Agenstearch - free portal to search for real estate agents

Agentsearch is a new tool developed for the benefit of both customers as well as the real estate professionals. It is designed to be a platform where real estate agents can collaborate with other real estate agents, and improve their efficiency. Agentsearch is a free app that can be downloaded by any real estate agent and a free profile can be created which will then be directly shown to the end customers who are looking for the right real estate agent. A well-designed and updated profile has a greater chance of being shortlisted by them.

The main issue that the real estate agents face is visibility. Though they may offer specialised services, their customers do not get to know this. It would save them both a lot of time and energy if they could just shortlist the real estate agents they are looking, and deal with them directly. This has a much better chance of converting to a closed deal than randomly approaching many agents.

Exchanging Leads and Properties:

But that’s not all! Agentsearch can help real estate agents in a lot of ways. The revolutionary idea is that the way it lets real estate agents work with other agents. An agent can share his properties with those who need such properties, and both of them together close the deal. This is a great feature that ensures maximum deals are closed, and more agents are benefitted.

If you are a real estate agent do not let this opportunity go! Download Agentsearch for free from the Playstore and App Store, and create your own profile. If you would like to know more or need any clarification, please call us at 1800 266 0966 or write to us at .

RSquare- Your Assistant who will never leave!

RSquare- Your Assistant who will never leave!

RSquare – From Broking to Consulting

RSquare-From Broking to Consulting

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CRM system for a real estate agent

RSquare is a real estate agent software and real estate CRM brought to you by Realty Redefined, and it enables them to streamline their sales processes, thereby allowing them to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

RSquare helps them manage:

  • Detailed list of available properties filtered as properties from builder, direct clients or brokers.
  • Sorting of properties by area, locality, investor special, number of bedrooms, size, cost or rent, rating, etc.
  • Images and videos of the properties to be shown to clients before the inspection thus saving valuable time and identifying the interest of the client. These can also be viewed from the integrated Real Estate Websites through Real Estate Marketing.
  • Short listing properties for the client requirements and texting or emailing the list right away.
  • Being regularly in touch with the existing clients by sending e-mail and SMS on regular basis thus leading to business generation from existing clients.
  • Keeping track of expiring lease agreements and thus generating business from existing rented properties.

Customer Service and Support
Real estate marketing is mainly differentiated on the level of service provided, since the products would be similarly distributed among all the providers. Hence, real estate agents are turning to technology to help them improve their clients’ experience while aiming to increase efficiency and minimize costs. Even so, a 2009 study revealed that only 39% of corporate executives believe that their employees have the right tools and authority to solve client issues. Realty Redefined provides the right suite of tools for superior customer service and support.

Analytical capabilities are often in-built into applications for sales, marketing, and service. These features can be complemented and augmented with links to separate, purpose-built applications for analytics and business intelligence. Sales analytics helps companies monitor and understand customer actions and preference, through sales forecasting, data quality, and dashboards that graphically display the performance of each section.

Marketing applications, on the other hand, come with predictive analytics to improve segmentation and targeting, and features to measure the effectiveness of online, offline, and search marketing campaigns. Web analytics have evolved significantly from their starting point of merely tracking mouse clicks on web sites. By evaluating the ‘buy processes & signals’, marketers can see which prospects are most likely to transact and also identify the buyers who need assistance in the sale process.

These types of analytics are increasing in popularity in real  estate because the sources of leads have become numerous and the right analytics helps the real estate companies to identify the good prospects and cater to them more efficiently.

What is the need for software solutions for real estate agents?

Real estate agents typically need to keep a track of a large volume of data relating to properties, requirements, as well as client information. The traditional process of recording this data by maintaining record books, excel sheets, etc., was not only cumbersome but also time consuming. It is very important to organize since access to the right data at the right time could make or break your deal. Time is of essence and having the data of all your properties, and the client requirements, will give you the much needed edge over the competition. Realizing this, smart professionals have turned to specially designed real estate agent software by Realty Redefined.

RSquare, Realty Redefined’s real estate software for agents understands your needs. With an in-depth understanding of the real estate sector and scores of success stories with real estate consultants, RSquare is best poised to fulfill their needs.

RSquare- real estate agent software offers you features such as:

  • Interactive lead management for real estate agents
  • Advanced property matching engine and search functionality
  • Activity management to track real estate inspections
  • Sales and lease tracking
  • Integrated marketing and communication through email and SMS channels
  • Ability to share properties online
  • Tracking of deals done
  • Lead distribution and analysis
  • Business analysis and reporting tools
  • Personalized and professional communication
  • Automation of business processes to increase efficiency and productivity

RSquare offers you all the tools to strengthen client relationships, and thus helping your business get on the fast track to growth. It allows you to maximize your customer base by allowing you to share your property inventory and requirement information on integrated real estate websites/ prospect portals.

Organized effort is the first step to success!

Organized effort is the first step to success!

Everybody knows what a hassle it is to find a roof overhead in Mumbai. For a city that is known for its hospitality, it is a huge problem finding one decent place to live. Whether you are a student just landed in the city, or have been working here for a while who wants to look for a better place, the battle is long and tiring. You keep approaching brokers who promise you the moon but cannot even show a satisfactory place to live!

It is very easy in such situations to blame the real estate broker/ consultant. It is true that they are responsible for finding you a place, after all they do charge hefty amounts, but every broker has his own side of the story too. He has a large number of properties and projects, and more keep coming up everyday. The number of leads that he gets also is increasing rapidly. The way he sees it, he is doing the very Most Unexceptional he can and showing you all the places he thinks you will like. But obviously, since the data is so disorganized, it is all a chaos!


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