Real estate agents typically need to keep a track of a large volume of data relating to properties, requirements, as well as client information. The traditional process of recording this data by maintaining record books, excel sheets, etc., was not only cumbersome but also time consuming. It is very important to organize since access to the right data at the right time could make or break your deal. Time is of essence and having the data of all your properties, and the client requirements, will give you the much needed edge over the competition. Realizing this, smart professionals have turned to specially designed real estate agent software by Realty Redefined.

RSquare, Realty Redefined’s real estate software for agents understands your needs. With an in-depth understanding of the real estate sector and scores of success stories with real estate consultants, RSquare is best poised to fulfill their needs.

RSquare- real estate agent software offers you features such as:

  • Interactive lead management for real estate agents
  • Advanced property matching engine and search functionality
  • Activity management to track real estate inspections
  • Sales and lease tracking
  • Integrated marketing and communication through email and SMS channels
  • Ability to share properties online
  • Tracking of deals done
  • Lead distribution and analysis
  • Business analysis and reporting tools
  • Personalized and professional communication
  • Automation of business processes to increase efficiency and productivity

RSquare offers you all the tools to strengthen client relationships, and thus helping your business get on the fast track to growth. It allows you to maximize your customer base by allowing you to share your property inventory and requirement information on integrated real estate websites/ prospect portals.

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