Importance of Real Estate Software

The importance of the real estate sector in India cannot be overstated. It is expected to grow at more than 30% annually over the next decade. The sheer size (~USD 180 billion by 2020) contributes around 5-6% of our country’s GDP. However, many in the industry believe that the growth story is far from over. In fact, most believe that it is only starting now.

Real estate in India does not get the attention it deserves. Due to various factors, it has always fallen short of the potential it has to change not just business, but lives even. However, change is only a matter of time, and it is time for the real estate sector.

Though technology has undergone a sea change in the last couple of decades, this change is yet to be adapted to the real estate community. Some of the older methods of working are still in use, and are being followed since they are unaware of more efficient ways of working. For example, consultants or brokers still rely on outdated practices of interacting with their customers. When the customer uses digital technology in his everyday life, why would he be ok with those standards of customer service? When the customer uses the internet to simplify every aspect of his life, he would not be satisfied with these traditional practices. The customer would require more, and demand better service. This is where CRM comes to the rescue.

CRM, an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is a platform that offers its users several options to provide better service to its users. The consultants, especially, would find it extremely useful to adopt a Real Estate CRM software to be more efficient, and for a more delighted clientele. It is not even an option anymore, but rather absolutely essential if the consultant is to be up to date with the customers. Responding to emails, timely reports, a credible online presence – all these factors are no longer luxuries, but basic requirements of digital customers. Even more importantly, a CRM helps you manage your entire database in a single screen. It gives you unparalleled level of control over your resources, and plays a huge role in the final bottom line of your enterprise.

RSquare is an exclusive mobile app that takes CRM to a whole new level. Consultants can now enjoy the many benefits of CRM on their mobile itself. RSquare also provides several marketing avenues for the consultants to showcase their inventory, and provide offers and discounts. The ease of use and the intuitive user experience has already received several rave reviews.

Now, you can see for yourself the effect of RSquare by asking for a free demo. Please call at 1800 266 0966 or mail at to schedule a demo at your convenience. We would be glad to hear from you!

Online Lead Generation in Real Estate

The World Wide Web offers an excellent opportunity for prospect generation. Since almost 70% prospective clients use the Internet while searching for properties, tapping into this large pool of leads is a necessity for increasing sales opportunities.

Online prospect/lead generation can be done in a number of ways. The best process is to be able to attract traffic to your real estate website.For this to happen, your website should be Search Engine Optimized. Once the probable lead traffic increases due to good content, lead information can be captured online itself. This would be a very good source of quality leads. Further, this information can be integrated in a CRM system for both real estate consultants and real estate developers which will enable you to easily touch base with every prospect. Other avenues of lead generation include listings on property portals and networking groups.

A new form of effective online real estate marketing that is fast emerging is Social Media Marketing. Specific examples would be to have profiles with good content on social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Besides these, targeted email campaigns also help significantly to not only increase awareness and brand promotion, but also to divert traffic to your website. Email campaign responses serve as equally good sources of prospective clients since it indicates interest on part of the potential customer.

Effective real estate property marketing

The use of Information Technology is slowly but surely changing the Real Estate business landscape in India. The real estate brokerage business is in the midst of dramatic changes brought about by online technology, increased automation and enhanced accessibility to information. Business survival is becoming more closely tied to real estate consulting firms’ abilities to adapt to technological changes and to use technology to attract customers. The most important question for anyone who is in the real estate business is – Whether you are ready to reinvent yourself in these changing circumstances in order to propel towards the rapid phase of growth that lies ahead?

Changing profile of potential customers: Customers expect much more from a real estate broker/salesperson today than in the past. Potential clients are far well informed since they are able to harness the power of the Internet to access information. They in turn also expect real estate professionals to raise their service offerings and use a professional approach to meet client needs. This becomes almost a necessity in case of high value NRI clients who rely on online information and prefer consultants with a good brand image.

Realtors implementing IT certainly have the edge! – The implementation of Information Technology plays a key role in bringing down operational costs, improving customer relationships and reaching out to online prospects on the internet. Information Technology can add a lot of value to Real Estate businesses by helping them with Customer Relationship management, online advertisement and brand positioning. Such realtors can manage their business efficiently, market properties using digital channels, increase sales, and provide a noticeably higher level of service to both buyers and sellers.

What opportunities exist and how can IT help?
By implementing a robust and efficient real estate software solution like RSquare- India’s Exclusive Real Estate CRM & Mobile App for Real Estate Agentsand RQube- ERP for Real Estate Developers , real estate professionals can target the following areas in order to streamline and grow their business:

Business Management

  • Manage real estate inventory with requirements efficiently
  • Match properties for a requirement and shortlist them for clients
  • Schedule inspections and generate inspection reports to give the client the exact match for his requirement
  • Track bookings and manage payments
  • Efficiently manage and track agreements and transactions
  • Generate professional quality proposals, property listing reports, registration reports for personalized communication

Integrated Marketing and Networking

  • Easily conduct Email and SMS campaigns to a targeted group
  • Instantly network with a large number of realtors on a platform such as Agent Search to share properties and requirements

Benefiting from the huge online market of buyers and sellers via personalized portals

  • Grab a significant share of online traffic (over 200,000 real estate searches per month as on today)
  • Give a professional touch to your business by establishing a strong online presence.
  • Integrate your website with your Realty Redefined software to easily list properties with photographs on the prospect portal

Property Management System in India

Nowadays, buyers are more likely to search for the real estate using the Internet as it consumes less time and is much more convenient than that from the traditional real estate company. With over 70% of real estate transactions being made online starting from the last decade, as well as the rise of competition from other real estate companies & real estate data aggregation sites, the simple and boring lists to present a large amount of data can no longer attract the potential customers. Thus realtors also need to be more organized, quick, proactive and 24*7 available to their customers be it face-to-face or online. To make your real estate marketing successful, a user-friendly tool for effective presentation of data is definitely required.

Here is where Realty Redefined – A Real Estate CRM System comes as a savior for agents and developers. Established since 3 years in Indian real estate market, it is tested and proved to be the best real estate technological solution available over time.
Realty Redefined is Web-Based real estate software that allows real estate agents and developers to organize and manage property listings, client or business contacts, web real estate resources. It also provides flexibility and ease to real estate consultants and developers to have an access to the system and their complete data from anywhere and everywhere through its online version. For the database novice, Realty Redefined has intuitive interface and ready-to-use real estate-related database solutions make it easy to set up and use.

  • Listing Organizer: keep track of your property listings, generate reports or web catalogs
  • Client Organizer: keep track of all your contacts, print letters, send emails and SMS
  • Business Organizer: keep track of all your business contacts, print letters/labels, send bulk emails and bulk SMS
  • Web Resources Organizer: update latest property photos and videos on personal website, organize useful online resources (mapping systems, real estate glossaries, calculators)

Realty Redefined – Benefits

  • Simple, easy-to-use: Ready-to-use Real Estate Agent’s and Developer’s solution and the user-friendly interface lets you easily and quickly organize your listings, clients, business contacts, web resources.
  • Centralized Database: Multiple offices? Maintain a central database for the access of data from every office and by every assigned employee.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Helps transform strategies, operational processes and business functions in order to retain customers and increase customer loyalty and profitability.
  • Auto-Match Properties: Identifying and meeting customer needs is in as the primary goal of Realty Redefined which can be done by just one click.
  • Configure Projects: Developers within no time can configure their projects as per the needs of the customers.
  • Efficient Lead Management: Lead management for agents and developers has never been so easy with out missing a single client.
  • Inventory Management: Opening inventories for sale and closing deals with just few clicks of the mouse.
  • Complete Business Communication: Bulk marketing/promotion of properties and requirements through email/SMS campaign is as easy and quick as it can be.
  • 24*7 Networking: Sharing of properties and requirements with registered cream realtors in the market with just click of a button.
  • Website Integration: Upload and Update content and photos/videos of properties/projects on personal websites, Alerts on customers visiting websites.
  • Builders Projects: A-Z updated information of all the ongoing and upcoming real estate projects in the market with downloadable data like floor plan, layout, configuration, location map and much more with photos.
  • Performance Mapping: Scale performance on weekly / monthly / quarterly / half yearly / yearly basis which helps making future investment decisions and forecasting.
  • Professional Reports: Auto-generated Property/Requirement Registration, Property Listing, Marketing Expenditures, Inspection and many other reports.

So by the integration of all the above features and many more, no real estate dealer or developer may disagree in the fact that Realty Redefined has been the best real estate CRM solution for them; which has already helped and guided hundreds of realtors to organize, grow, expand, scale their performance, and never miss on market opportunities.

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Software for real estate Bengaluru

Realty firms in India are recovering from a slump that saw prices drop 25-30 percent, hope tax sops are extended to boost construction of affordable homes, but eye more benefits from an anticipated push to infrastructure and easier income tax regime. In the last eight months, lower prices and cheaper bank loans have spurred home sales, but an interest rate hike could dampen sentiment. Despite a string of government efforts to ease concerns, rising prices are posing a big challenge for the government, particularly high food prices, and they may prompt the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates even before April. The BSE real estate index rose 20.22 percent from July to December 2009, much in line with the main index, which rose 20.5 percent. This year till the close of Feb. 18, the BSE real estate index fell 14.36 percent, while the main index was down 6.5 per cent. Developers get income tax benefits under section 80-IB on housing projects with small houses (upto 1,000 square feet in metros and 1,500 sqaure feet in non-metros) that have to be completed within four years of obtaining approvals. The section introduced in 1998 was extended many times and as of now approvals cleared in 2008 are eligible and developers want to extend that to 2012.Bangllore is in a completely opposite swing. It is the undisputed first choice for all IT/ITES companies and with the outsourcing of services (BPO’s) in full blast we have witnessed a boom in the city’s economics over the last two decades. Major real estate players in Bangalore are moving towards more sophisticated technological solution and are also trying to establish a good online presence. The exploding software job market, handsome salaries and the easily available home loans have helped the real estate market to rise meteorically from the recession slump in the last 2 years.

The sudden demand for homes has led to a scramble for construction especially in the South, East and Central areas of Bangalore. The rates in certain locations like Whitefield, Sarjapur road, Outer Ring Road, Bannerghatta Road, Hosur Road have spiraled at an alarming rate .Whitefield for example has seen a 100% increase in land rates in just over a year. This construction boom should continue for the next year and a half at least and with the FDI’s opened up, there could be a spurt in construction in suburban Bang alore, and the city could witness some high quality, fast-paced development on the outskirts. This should eventually even-out the demand and supply, and we could witness a stabilizing of rates across the city, which would be welcome as the rates of homes are fast getting out of reach.

Software for real estate Chennai

Chennai is known as the commercial hub of south india.Real estate sector has a fortunate growth in Chennai. As commercial sector is growing a large percentage of people migrate to Chennai which in turn is creating demand for rental space & apartments. A huge amount of FDI is being generated in Chennai as foreign investors have opted to invest in Chennai. Hence it is rightly said that Real Estate as a business in Chennai is on a upswing resulting to capital maximization for the city. Cost of living in Chennai is far lower as compared to other metros like Delhi, Mumbai etc hence a huge chunk of the population intends to invest herein. Chennai has further known for substantial growth in commercial Realty sector as many multinationals have come to Chennai to set up their subsidiaries. Industries like IT,BPO & corporate houses looking for commercial properties have changed the face of Real Estate market in Chennai. Residential market is growing parallel with the commercial sector. IT sector is also growing in Chennai .Residential prices have grown in Chennai in the last 4-5 years approximately by 10%. Spaces for investment purpose have gained advantage over the years. Rates in Chennai very between Rs.4500/- to 15000/- depending on the area & locality. Tapping such a huge market without the help of technology will hamper managing your business effectively.

Real Estate sector being spread all over geographically hence should not be hampered due to vast geographical disabilities. Hence the solution to which is realty redefined which could make your business mere efficient to operate it at your fingertips from where ever you want.Relty redefined is backed by experience of 3 years specialized in catering to the real estate sector. Manage all your Data Base with realty redefined software integrated with realtor connect (wherein you can connect to top 250 brokers from Mumbai) & builder projects. A CRM Software with integrated Real Estate Website Designs will help real estate advisors & developers to manage the business more effectively. It will help them to manage their data base in a hassle free manner. CRM software’s are secure and easy to use.

Chennai is currently witnessing a stunning growth in the Real Estate Market. Chennai has a diversified economic base. The main industries are software services, hardware manufacturing, automobile and financial services.
Chennai has emerged as the top candidate for ‘Location Ranking Survey’ among the other three Indian metros- Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.
Chennai is experiencing a major real estate boom. The primary cause of this is the rapid development of the Information Technology and realty based softwares. This has attracted professionals in real estate sector with minimal investments in business automation technology to ease their work and forward better and quick services to their customers. The consumerist culture has also encouraged the growth of organized retailing.
In order to compete in the ever-booming Chennai real estate market and to attract business travelers, several up-market hotels and 5-star luxury homes are designed by builders in Chennai in the last decade. International hotel chains like JW Marriott, Radisson has constructed hotels in Chennai.
The prospective property buyer in Chennai is highly fragmented; the majority work in the I.T sector followed by Financial Services.
There is also another segment- the NRI’s or the Non Resident Indians who usually buys high value ‘cream’ properties in Chennai.
Land prices in Chennai has showed an upward trend in the last few years; this has led to an active demand for flats or apartments. For the well heeled there is the choice of purchasing independent houses like villas and semi detached cottages. These high value properties usually come with other ‘frills’ like swimming pools, gymnasium and exclusive club memberships. The unique feature of such properties is that they are usually located on the I.T corridor (old Mahabalipuram Road) – making the daily commuting of residents easier to the office.

Planning of such properties while keeping in mind the requirements of the consumers and eventually facilitating it to the right customer has become very easy with the help of different I.T. tools like real estate softwares for consultants as well as developers.
The promotion of Chennai as an investment destination has resulted in developers promoting I.T Parks. Commercial and Industrial land is getting costlier every passing day. The old industrial heartland of Chennai situated in the western part of the city has attracted commercial developers.
The increase in property prices has also been a boon to the government authorities; higher property prices mean higher revenue collections! There has been a 40% increase in revenue collection compared to the previous years.

Software for real estate Delhi

Delhi is the national capital of India and also one of the hottest destinations for investors. One of the most proactive reasons for investor’s priority as such is due to its good connectivity with most of the cities in India other than the best connecting city to all international airports. The property prices in Delhi in the recent times have been quite exorbitant. Delhi’s Khan Market has also been in the news for being the costliest retail locale in the world. The Confederation of Indian Industries has ranked New Delhi as having the best quality of life for its residents among all cities in the India based on their latest “Liveability Index.” Delhi topped the survey in terms of population density, real estate, safety, transport, education, job opportunities and accidents. Gurgaon, a de facto suburb of Delhi with a popular development zone, ranked high in terms of housing and educational facilities.

In the residential market segment, Delhi has been known to have made the most astronomical transactions where properties sell for millions. This trend though most common in the posh localities of South Delhi is now moving towards earlier less significant places like Dwarka. The rental values of residential properties like the apartments and independent houses are quite high. The corporate leasing and diplomats in the city are in a way responsible for the trend, as they opt for the high-end properties.

As a home to several multinational companies, Delhi witnesses an unparalleled growth in the commercial real estate sector. With booming IT, Delhi have played a crucial role in altering the commercial real estate set-up of the city and prepared it to cater to demanding needs of the business market. Staying in step with the development of commercial sector, Delhi residential market is also equally poised to give a strong boost to its real estate sector. The emerging trend here is that of large projects with several blocks of apartments offering an array of amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, club house etc.

With Delhi Real Estate witnessing appreciation at a fast rate, property investment in the city is worth the idea. To help you further develop your ideas into successful deals, information technology provides you with the data to assist you in reviewing all the potential areas for your precious investments in Delhi’s property market. Delhi has witnessed an immense growth in the last few years. The key factors responsible for the retail boom have been the change in consumer profile and demographics, increase in the number of international brands available in the Indian market, economic implications of the government, increasing urbanization, credit availability, improvement in the infrastructure, increasing investments in technology and real estate building a world class shopping environment for the consumers.

Thus, the face of real estate market in the city is changing too fast. Only a reliable source of quick real estate news in Delhi will keep you ahead of the changing times. Website and Information Technology have become a good source to procure property news and information in a convenient way for the investors, real estate agents and builders. With just a few clicks, you are at the doorstep of loads of information and latest real estate news. Over the years, technology and internet has carved out a niche in the domain of real estate by providing a one-stop solution to all kinds of property needs. In order to keep you informed about the latest developments, use of information technology and various Real Estate Software are used by realty dealers. With superfast and extremely efficient technology at affordable prices, with just few clicks it gives humongous information to investors, agents and builders and to the masses seeking their dream homes. Thus booming realty sector and increasing limitless investments in Delhi, information technology and internet has become an integral part of real estate sector. Real Estate Websites for lead generation, CRM systems for consultants and developers are becoming indispensable for real estate professionals !

Software for real estate Pune

Real Estate activities in Pune have widened to a great extent in the past decade. IT, BPO sectors & corporate houses looking for commercial properties have changed the face of Real Estate market in city. A lot of commercial Space is also occupied by malls, multiplexes, clubs, hotels & retail stores. A lot people who want to lead a peaceful life wind up their space in metro cities & settle in Pune. Those who migrate to Pune for work or due to transfers look for rented flats or apartments. All this results into growth of real Estate Sector in Pune. Rates in Pune range between Rs2000/- to Rs 6000/- for residential & go upto Rs.6600/- per sq.ft for commercial space.

As the IT Infrastructure of India makes Pune its prime location, this has kept the Pune rentals market at the upfront. Houses on rent in Pune are available in plenty and at affordable rates. The Pune real estate prices are on an upswing with capital appreciation of 25-30% per year. Pune has always been well known for high level education, culture, crowd and now the IT sector. Large chunk of the population is migrating to Pune from various parts of the country.

Pune real estate is a market with numerous opportunities for the real estate developers, potential investors as well as the real estate agents in Pune. Hence tackling such a huge market base is difficult. To make a real estate agent more professional & handy we provide a solution – Realty Redefined Real Estate CRM, a platform which will help them manage their business effectively. The real estate developers can leverage the advantages of Realty Redefined Real Estate ERP for make the most of the leads and efficiently manage bookings and payments. It is rightly said that IT acts as a backbone for realty sector. Accurately remembering such huge data of properties, requirements, areas, rates etc is not possible. Hence the need for a complete CRM solution which will help Realtors maintain all such data at their finger tips. Information Technology will generally help realtors getting inputs to the software which will automatically process the data & get valuable outputs (results). Business today is complicated which can be simplified with the help of Information Technology & Management Information System (MIS). Information technology will help avoid data manipulation & generate effective data management systems.

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Software for real estate Mumbai

Mumbai being India’s economic capital is one of the biggest as well as the most expensive real estate market in the country. Although the economic downturn of 2008-09 did take the sheen off the property rates that were continuously booming for nearly four years, a rebound is slowly but surely being seen in the market. Various factors such as better than anticipated growth of the economy, high liquidity, low interest rates, higher disposable income etc have contributed to the uptrend. Besides, being the hub of reputed companies in the finance, insurance, IT/ITES, pharmaceutical and telecom sectors, there has always been huge requirement of quality commercial space. No wonder then that office rental in Mumbai areas such as Cuffe Parade, Nariman Point and BKC rival those of top destinations like Tokyo, Manhattan and London! The increasing realty prices are also being fueled by a huge demand supply gap. There is hardly any new land available in the city area and most of the construction is of the redevelopment type. This in turn has put upwards pressure on the property prices in the suburbs too.

This scenario has presented an immense opportunity for developers and consultants alike because of the massive profits involved. Having a mega project in Mumbai is always on the wish list of most real estate developers. Similarly, with prices of residential and commercial units quoting in crores of rupees, even a couple of high end deals enable real estate consultants to make handsome profits. Consequently, there has been a mushrooming of real estate advisers with some reports suggesting a count of over 25,000 in the city.

It is thus very essential to differentiate oneself, since in this intense competition only the best survive and thrive. There is an utmost need to become professional. Adopting the use of IT definitely helps in this regard since it not only streamlines business but also helps businesses to grow. Fortunately, niche IT players like Realty Redefined are giving real estate companies and consultants a much needed competitive edge in the market by offering a suite of business solutions especially designed for them. By opting for CRM solutions, professional client communication, targeted marketing and online presence, realtors are not only building trusted partnerships with their clients but also giving a new face to this unorganized real estate industry.

Software for Real Estate India

Real estate software India

Realty Redefined is the best real estate software offering for realtors and developers in India. Realty Redefined has been successfully implemented with several real estate entities in India. Based upon many years of experience in the real estate industry, Realty Redefined helps real estate professionals quickly become more productive and effective in managing prospects and customers whether they are a simple real agent with one office or a consulting company with several branches or a development company.

Realty Redefined is a web based CRM system. It comes in two different version that is online and offline. Everything is stored in a single database which would help you to communicate with your clients in a better way. We also help Realtors to share their properties /requirement with each other and vice versa.

Realty Redefined is also integrated with a server from where developers can publish and Realtors get access to several upcoming and ongoing projects details in and around the cities with complete details like floor plan, configuration, contact details etc.

Realty Redefined comes with integrated websites which would help Realtors and real estate developers to market their property with photos/videos etc with prospect generation features. Realty Redefined is a 3rd generation CRM system which comes up with integrated services which would help realtors to take their business to next level.

Realty Redefined is successfully implemented on more than 300 Realtors like HDFC, DHFL etc and apart from the many client testimonials. CNBC covered the success story of Realty Redefined implementation at HDFC Realty

What are the features of real estate websites?

Your real estate website should clearly state your unique proposition – your capabilities, your experience, and what you offer. A well-designed website should be a terrific hub of information for people living in – or interested in- your community.

Unique Content

The first rule for content for your website is to keep the language formal and professional, while highlighting your capabilities. It should also be:

Accurate & Approachable:

Your content could be focused on the story of your team, or it could even be describing the home-buying process; whichever it is, it is your chance to make a great first impression. Make sure that the information is up-to-date, relevant, honest, and jargon-free. And do not forget to include all relevant information about yourself such as your credentials, contact number, email id, address, etc.

Customer centric:

Customer testimonials are a great way to let your potential customers know what to expect from you. They not only add depth to your site, they also boost your reputation.


Make sure your website is a comprehensive source of current market information. Showcase your listings, and if possible, link them to your real estate marketing portals too. RSquare lets you do this with customized websites that update your information.


Visitors to your website should be able to clearly identify your role and expertise in helping similar customers. You should highlight your areas of service, and adding links to other resources is a great idea.


Commenting on material from third-party sources, such as articles and sales stats that demonstrate housing trends in the area, can broaden a visitor’s knowledge and show that you are updated on the relevant markets.

The design:

The design on your website should not only look good, but should incorporate effective user experience. Wherever possible, make sure you incorporate:

Engaging entry points: Use a consistent headline type and beautiful images throughout the site to help break up content and makes it easier to read.

Logical navigation: Make sure information flows between pages so there’s a natural progression of topics and easy way-finding around the site.

A style that matches your business image: Your site should accurately reflect your style and attitude, as well as the nature of your business.

Credibility boosters: Your company logo, awards, and seals of professional and civic groups to which you belong are all good elements to display on your site. Be sure that you have permission to use corporate logos and icons, and follow usage rules for any trademarked terms and imagery.

Why does website design play an important role in the real estate sector?

You don’t have to look beyond RSquare’s real estate website design solutions for the real estate industry. With our experience of more than 8 years in the real estate sector, we are in a better position to offer you the designs that are relevant to the industry. Our websites are unique and tailored to reflect the strength of your company’s offerings.

Our websites are superior because:

  • Creativity: This is the single most important factor that will set your website apart from the rest. Our team of designers will offer you the best designs to suit your purposes.
  • Uniqueness: Each website we design has a unique template designed considering the needs of every individual client.
  • Crisp and professional look: We give your website a clean, crisp and professional look that is sure to portray your corporate identity online!
  • SEO friendly: After designing scores of real estate websites, we know exactly what it takes to make your website as Search Engine Optimization friendly as possible.
    • We make sure that your content is optimized to attract more traffic searching for your neighborhood
    • The URLs of the pages displaying details of your properties are neighborhood friendly
    • Features like walk scores, walk through videos, google maps help you attract genuine buyers time and again.

RSquare will ensure that you achieve a dominant online presence to help you distinguish yourself from competition, establish credibility, and improve your brand recognition to attain leadership position in the crowded real estate market.

You have the option of selecting from the pool of our templates and go online right away, or you can choose to avail of more customized solutions to fit your exact profile – including your choice of colors and layout such that it complements your brand logo.

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How does property management software help real estate organizations?

Property Management Software is the backbone of any real estate organization. Especially in today’s competitive climate in the real estate sector, every company must take full advantage of all the sources of information to collate real estate inventory information from the market and should be organized effectively.

RSquare – Real estate Property Management Software not only helps you maintain property records and requirement information effectively but also enables you to search for relevant information.

The property management software will help you

  • Maintain all your residential/commercial lease and outright properties
  • Manage the property portfolio by
    • Entering all the property details with photographs and videos
    • Tracking inspections that happen on the property
    • Track the communication that has happened on the property
  • Track lease agreement expiry in case of leased properties
  • Keep a track of payments (receivable & payable) reducing paperwork
  • Email / SMS the property and requirement information from the property management software to your contact and investor groups.

RSquare software will help you increase your lead pool thus increasing the chances of conversion.

CRM system for a real estate developer

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers – including potential customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal; getting and keeping satisfied customers. It’s an overall strategy to help you learn more about your customers and their behavior so that you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers. It’s become almost impossible to build and run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM.

To manage the relationships with customers, a business needs to collect the right information about every customer and organize that information to enable proper analysis and action. This information has to be updated regularly, and make it accessible to employees so that they can provide relevant information to the customers.

Real estate software for developers consists of:

  • Helping an enterprise to enable its marketing departments to identify and target their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team.
  • Assisting the organization to improve telesales, account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing processes
  • Allowing the formation of individualized relationships with customers, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits; identifying the most profitable customers and providing them the highest level of service.

Providing employees with the information and processes necessary to know their customers understand and identify customer needs and effectively build relationships between the company and its customer base.

Why Realty Redefined?

Real estate CRM solutions enable all the different teams such as sales, marketing, and support are all working together towards a common goal, so that you can take your business to the next level.

RSquare offers you solutions to streamline and automate your business processes to give you a complete view of your customers. This also enables you to properly analyze and develop insights into your critical sales, and keep everyone focused on getting new customers while retaining your existing customers.

  • Creating inventory: RSquare helps you configure your inventory (buildings/ flats/ offices/ bungalows) in minutes
  • Import: Import all your leads from exhibitions/ walk-ins/ advertisements/ websites etc. in minutes
  • Email Campaigns: Email marketing has been extremely critical in generating maximum revenues from your leads. Moreover it can be used as a very powerful tool to filter genuine prospects and spend maximum time serving them. To do this, RSquare offers a very innovative Email Campaign mechanism using which you can-
    • Run email campaign for your lead/client database
    • Get a detailed report on
  1. Number of people who have opened the email
  2. Number of people who have read the email
  3. Number of people who have read the email more than once
  4. Number of people who have clicked on any link which is a part of the email content
  • Sales & Marketing: RSquare helps you generate more leads, effectively market through multiple channels, optimize lead management, convert leads into customers, view all account-related information and activities, keep sales representatives working productively, analyze your sales pipeline, and see what’s working and what’s not. An effective RSquare solution helps you keep sales and marketing focused on filling the sales pipeline and generating more revenue rather than manually tracking sales leads.
  • Booking Inventory: Open the inventory for booking, track booking details of all unit owners and issue allotment letters.
  • Payment Scheduling/tracking: You can define a payment schedule (with interest rates for overdue payments) which is configurable at building or unit level. Completely track incoming payments, send payment reminders and keep track of overdue payments with auto interest computation
  • Activity Management: RSquare lets you view all customer transactions, capture important information about customer interactions, and manage your tasks and follow-up activities.
  • Reports: RSquare helps you to generate reports like quotations, allotments letters, and many more.
  • Integrate with websites: You can integrate your CRM with your website to allow you to market your projects on your website with multiple photos and videos.  Complete project information with comprehensive photo gallery which can updated very easily as and when required. Virtual 3D walk-through for online inspection of sample flats. Upload project brochures. Online registration and lead generation mechanism. Get complete statistics on number of visitors/ time spent on the website/ projects browsed etc.

Why does a real estate developer need software solutions?

Real estate agent software provides a robust platform to completely manage end to end execution of their sales process. Real estate developers need a system that can automate the entire sales process allowing them to expedite the sales of their projects and boost profits. With RSquare, the real estate agents can:

  • Create their inventory
  • Define the payment structure for bookings in the inventory
  • Open the inventory for sale
  • Track leads from several sources
  • Manage brokers
  • Manage bookings
  • Track payments with interest calculation in case of delayed payments
  • Generate professional reports including
    • Demand letters
    • Flat quotations
    • Allotment letters
    • Possession letters
    • Flat cancellation letters
    • Flat cancellation letters with profit
    • Payment receipts

Although the real estate developers have huge marketing budgets, they lack a system that can manage the leads that are generated from the systems’ marketing activities. RQube, Realty Redefined’s Real Estate ERP not only enables the developers to automate the sales processes but also enables them to retain and make new customers by empowering them to market their projects through different digital channels.

How does CRM automate your work?

Customer Relationship Management systems enable companies to achieve the following objectives:

  • Streamlined real estate sales and marketing processes
  • Higher sales and marketing productivity
  • Added cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Improved customer service, loyalty, and retention
  • Higher number of deals
  • Better profiling and targeting
  • Reduced expenses
  • Higher overall profitability

RSquare automation in real estate

The RSquare application provides an array of capabilities to streamline all phases of the sales process, thus minimizing the time that sales representatives need to spend on manual data entry and administration. This allows them to successfully pursue more clients in a shorter period than otherwise possible. RSquare is powered by a strong Content Management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective customer, from the first contact to the final closure. RSquare also includes modules for more opportunities, territories, sales forecasts, and workflow automation, and product knowledge.

RSquare adds a lot of value in the real estate domain as it allows the Realtors to efficiently manage and track their properties and requirements.

Systems for marketing (also referred to as ‘marketing automation’) help the enterprise identify and target its best clients and generate qualified leads for the sales team. A key marketing capability is tracking and measuring multi-channel campaigns, including email campaigns, search, social media, and direct mail. Metrics monitored include clicks, responses, leads, deals, and revenues. Real estate developers and agents needs the best available tools to reach out to their clients. Property software for developers and property software for agents enable the real estate agents to reach out to their clients through email campaigns, SMS campaigns, prospect portals, and several other digital channels.

Customer Service and Support:
Real estate marketing is mainly differentiated on the level of service provided, since the products would be similarly distributed among all the providers. Hence, real estate agents are turning to technology to help them improve their clients’ experience while aiming to increase efficiency and minimize costs. Even so, a 2009 study revealed that only 39% of corporate executives believe that their employees have the right tools and authority to solve client issues. Realty Redefined provides the right suite of tools for superior customer service and support.

Analytical capabilities are often in-built into applications for sales, marketing, and service. These features can be complemented and augmented with links to separate, purpose-built applications for analytics and business intelligence. Sales analytics helps companies monitor and understand customer actions and preference, through sales forecasting, data quality, and dashboards that graphically display the performance of each section.
Marketing applications, on the other hand, come with predictive analytics to improve segmentation and targeting, and features to measure the effectiveness of online, offline, and search marketing campaigns. Web analytics have evolved significantly from their starting point of merely tracking mouse clicks on web sites. By evaluating the ‘buy processes & signals’, marketers can see which prospects are most likely to transact and also identify the buyers who need assistance in the sale process.
These types of analytics are increasing in popularity in real estate because the sources of leads have become numerous and the right analytics helps the real estate companies to identify the good prospects and cater to them more efficiently.

Implementation Issues:
Real estate companies understand the importance of retaining customers and also the need of attracting new ones. A CRM system in place is crucial for the success of the campaigns, and also to realize the full potential of your sales efforts.
This does not require huge set-ups; a small team can take care of data entry, and also generate all the client communication documents, and reports from the system. Thus, it is imperative to have a process in place in every organization that enforces the activities to be done when a new property or requirement is entered into the system.

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