CRM system for a Real Estate Broker

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers – including potential customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal; getting and keeping satisfied customers. It’s an overall strategy to help you learn more about your customers and their behavior so that you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers. It’s become almost impossible to build and run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM.

To manage the relationships with customers, a business needs to collect the right information about every customer and organize that information to enable proper analysis and action. This information has to be updated regularly, and make it accessible to employees so that they can provide relevant information to the customers.

The real estate sector in India quite deservedly invites a lot of attention both in terms of potential for growth and the ability to change lives. However, given the huge playing field, it is an arduous task. Any change that has to affect the larger picture will have to have a significant impact on the lives of these people. The first step to change is to decide the direction in which the change has to take place. Given the current scenario of the real estate sector, this issue should directly address the way that the employees of this sector function. What is needed is a simple solution – easy to use, but technologically advanced enough to encompass all the daily functions of a real estate agent. This is where a Real Estate Software comes into the picture.

Real estate software consists of:

  • Helping an enterprise to enable its marketing departments to identify and target their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team.
  • Assisting the organization to improve telesales, account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing processes
  • Allowing the formation of individualized relationships with customers, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits; identifying the most profitable customers and providing them with the highest level of service.

Providing employees with the information and processes necessary to know their customers understand and identify customer needs and effectively build relationships between the company and its customer base.

RSquare, an offering from Realty Redefined is designed with these ideas in mind. It is India’s first exclusive mobile app for real estate consultants. This itself is a huge step in bringing technology to the workplace. This will directly enable hundreds of thousands of agents to work on their mobiles. The earlier, inefficient methods of data collection and storage have an easy alternative that will focus more on customer service than on acquisition. Imagine the difference that this single step makes to the sector!

Why RSquare?

As the market moves more enthusiastically than ever towards technology and online marketplaces, the customer moves more out of reach of the average broker. Traditional consumers of real estate have been a part of this growth too, and are moving the marketplace online. Word-of-mouth marketing still remains the strongest way to acquire customers but this word itself is changing. People are more concerned about the ability of the agent to be connected online. It’s not enough to show the potential customer good places and put him in touch with the owners. Real estate agents today should be quick to respond and the responses should be detailed. The chances increase if there are visual elements such as photographs.

Real estate CRM solutions enable all the different teams such as sales, marketing, and support are all working together towards a common goal so that you can take your business to the next level.

RSquare offers you solutions to streamline and automate your business processes to give you a complete view of your customers. This also enables you to properly analyze and develop insights into your critical sales, and keep everyone focused on getting new customers while retaining your existing customers.

  • Creating inventory: RSquare helps you configure your inventory (buildings/ flats/ offices/ bungalows) in minutes
  • Import:Import all your leads from exhibitions/ walk-ins/ advertisements/ websites etc. in minutes
  • Email Campaigns: Email marketing has been extremely critical in generating maximum revenues from your leads. Moreover,it can be used as a very powerful tool to filter genuine prospects and spend maximum time serving them. To do this, RSquare offers a very innovative Email Campaign mechanism using which you can-
    • Run email campaign for your lead/client database
    • Get a detailed report on
  1. Number of people who have opened the email
  2. Number of people who have read the email
  3. Number of people who have read the email more than once
  4. Number of people who have clicked on any link which is a part of the email content
  • Sales & Marketing: RSquare helps you generate more leads, effectively market through multiple channels, optimize lead management, convert leads into customers, view all account-related information and activities, keep sales representatives working productively, analyze your sales pipeline, and see what’s working and what’s not. An effective RSquare solution helps you keep sales and marketing focused on filling the sales pipeline and generating more revenue rather than manually tracking sales leads.
  • Booking Inventory: Open the inventory for booking, track booking details of all unit owners and issue allotment letters.
  • Payment Scheduling/tracking: You can define a payment schedule (with interest rates for overdue payments) which is configurable at building or unit level. Completely track incoming payments, send payment reminders and keep track of overdue payments with an auto interest computation
  • Activity Management: RSquare lets you view all customer transactions, capture important information about customer interactions, and manage your tasks and follow-up activities.
  • Reports: RSquare helps you to generate reports like quotations, allotments letters, and many more.
  • Integrate with websites: You can integrate your CRM with your website to allow you to market your projects on your website with multiple photos and videos. Complete project information with comprehensive photo gallery which can be updated very easily as and when required. Virtual 3D walk-through for online inspection of sample flats. Upload project brochures. Online registration and lead generation mechanism. Get complete statistics on the number of visitors/ time spent on the website/ projects browsed etc.
“Top 5” things to consider while Buying Home

“Top 5” things to consider while Buying Home



The home stretch, they say, is never easy. It is the same when it comes to wading through the property market. More than money, it takes determination, discipline and an awful lot of legwork before you get to sign on the dotted line to buy your dream house. Before you lace your shoes and set out on your house hunting expedition, here are some vital survival tools that need to go in your backpack. Not one for well-crafted metaphors? Well, all we are saying is if you’re in the market for a new home, our list of “Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Home” can help get your search off to a right start

While the square footage, the number of bedrooms and the size of the living room are all important, there are other things you should consider before cashing in that final offer. Let’s start with the basics which you probably already have on your checklist:

Location – A phrase that everyone in the Realty business or anyone who is not new to buying home, is more than familiar with; and for a good reason too is “Location, Location & Location”



You can work around with almost any issues within the home, but one thing that cannot be changed once you have purchased the home – is its locality. A friendly and safe neighborhood with loving neighbors will make it a lot easier to follow the preaching of the Bible – “ Love thy neighbor as thyself”. When choosing your home, consider these following essentials in addition to the charm of the neighborhood – noise from neighbors, traffic levels at rush hours, proximity of neighboring homes, distance from the main road, parking, if you are a pet person – is the home convenient for a pet, and finally access to good schools, offices, public transport, restaurants, shopping outlets and parks.


Budget – Budget is one thing that will top the checklist of every home hunter.


This list would be incomplete without mentioning the budget. While all of us want to own that inexpensive dream house with all the modern amenities, budget yourself properly to a house that suits your lifestyle, as you don’t want to be caught paying through your nose on the mortgage, over the years to follow. Also, staying up-to-date with the real estate market trends can help you get the best value homes within your budget.


The credibility of Builder – In cases, where the keys of your new home are being handed to you directly by the builder himself, be sure to run a quick background check and do your fair share of homework on the reputation of builder/developer’s.


In addition to their years of experience and their profile in the industry, view some of their more recent projects. And if possible, try and visit at least one completed project and maybe even talk to a few of the residents, getting their reviews on the builder. Gaining this information can give you valuable insight and this, in turn, can go on to help you negotiate with the builder.


Amenities provided – If you are purchasing a brand new apartment from a builder do find out what are the upgrades available comparing to the standard amenities that come with the house.


Also, check amenities such as kitchen and bathroom fittings, and in the case of an apartment, check for provisions such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, and so on. While these are pretty much standard features offered with every apartment nowadays, find out the exact terms of usage and/or any restrictions that might be in place or if there is an additional cost associated with the usage of these amenities.


Access of Essentials – Make sure that all the essential service providers – internet, LPG connection, cable television, electricity and running water are able to provide their respective service at your new address.


Every so often, we’ve heard our own colleagues cursing network operators for not being able to provide a new internet connection at their new address, stating they do not have access points in that neighborhood; and how they are being forced to settle with other internet service providers. The only way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you is to make a few calls and find out directly.

Home Buying Tips for “First-timers”

Home Buying Tips for “First-timers”


Buying a home can be nerve-wracking and thrilling at the same time, especially if you are first time home buyers. It is actually difficult to know what you expect. The learning curve here can be steep, but many of the issues can be resolved by doing little homework. When you are buying an apartment for the first time there are a lot of factors to be thought over, but there is nothing to be stressed about. Thoughts of having those ultra-luxurious homes might be dancing in your head, but you don’t want to be carried off by a dream and left with some serious bills. Buying an apartment will probably be one of your biggest investment, so instead of making an impulse buy, arm yourself with thorough research and a few quality advisers.


These are the points you should consider while purchasing a property for the first time:

Selecting the right Location


Selecting the right location plays a very important role when buying a property. Also, it has to be made sure that the location you are investing has the potential to grow in the years to come. The property prices in the areas which are pre-established tend to come to a standstill after a particular period, especially when the scope of development is minimum. Understanding the potential growth at an early stage will help you crack a good deal. If you are planning to rent out your apartment then choose a location where you can get maximum tenants. One of the best tips is to make sure that the area of investment is in great demand so that the rental returns are high. Areas nearby to the airport, railway stations, and commercial park centers command higher rents as they possess a greater scope of development.



If schools, colleges, hospitals, entertainment hubs, fitness centers are within the proximity of your property than the value of the same increases. And if such general conveniences do not exist then make sure that at least there is a scope for expansion in the property that you are planning to buy. The builders today are developing complexes that offer swimming pools, parks, clubhouses, and gym, they also make sure that hospitals, post offices, office spaces and restaurants are in the vicinity, keeping in mind the needs of the modern consumers.

Public Transport Facilities


While purchasing a property, the one factor to be kept in mind is that the property should be well connected to all the public transports available here. This will also fetch you higher rentals, ensuring you a great return on investment. Also, keep this in mind that you don’t buy a property right next to the public transport as the noise may create disturbance.

Choose a Reputed Builder


While buying an apartment make sure that you choose a reputed builder, as the success of buying the property rests in hand of the builder you deal with. Choosing a wrong builder can lead you to disastrous consequences such as, not delivering the project on time, amenities not as per the agreement or rejection of loan by the bank due to the bad goodwill of the builder.



A budget needs to be set while buying an apartment. One has to be practical and analyze the finances as to how much finance you already have and how much external finance will be required for buying that dream house. A proper financial planning needs to done, to meet your short-term as well as long-term objectives. You should be left with at least some amount, to cater various other needs or emergency. Taking a home loan can be a good option, but make sure you choose wisely.

Make sure that you use these tips before purchasing a property. They will surely help you gain high returns on investments and make you feel financially secure.

Do’s and Don’ts while buying your dream home!

Do’s and Don’ts while buying your dream home!



Firstly, Congratulations! you are finally on your way to buy that dream abode. As any new homeowner will tell you, the experience of buying a home is an overwhelming one. Making an investment in buying a property is considered as a major financial move, so before you invest a huge chunk of your hard earned money make sure you are aware of the benefits it will bring to you in the future. We at Realty Redefined, help you out with the Do’s and Don’ts while buying a property.

Do’s and Don’ts while buying a property:

Do hire a real estate agent


Well, hiring a real estate agent is not always necessary while buying a property but, it is highly recommended if you are first-timers. Having someone who has a fair knowledge of the real estate market leading you throughout the process could take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Do check the Location

Do check the Location

Location plays a crucial role when it comes to buying a property. The farther you are from your workplace, the more you will end up spending on your commute. Buying a property which is just a walk away from your workplace will make your daily commute short, less expensive and will also save a lot of time.

Do consider your potential tenants


If you are someone who is making an investment to lease it out then you should consider locations that most people find appealing. The point to be kept in mind is that it’s not your home, but potential tenants. Find a home in an area which is close to public transport, corporate offices, schools and colleges, as it is preferred by a lot of people.

Don’t get overwhelmed

It’s totally normal to feel excited especially when you are a first time home buyer. However, it is best to stay calm and measured during the process of negotiation to avoid paying too much of amount or missing out on an opportunity to negotiate more favorable purchase conditions. Be it your first time or second property investment, the most important thing to be kept in mind is whether or not it will offer you a good ROI, if not, just leave.

The Advent of Technology In Real Estate

The Advent of Technology In Real Estate


Innovation and Change have always been at the forefront, particularly in creating and utilizing new measures to better serve the needs of the company and its customers. Technology continues to be a catalyst for change in all business sectors and industry, and real estate market is no exception. Gone are the days when you had to search amidst thousands of properties, for buying your dream home. Using cutting-edge technology and digital marketing, the process of buying a home has changed monumentally over the past few years. Although the argument still remains that word-to-mouth advertising is the best way to sell anything, it is proved by the studies that in the year 2010 alone the number of real estate transactions carried out online was a whopping 85% of the total market. Unbelievable but true!


Digital Marketing has played a vital role in branding and advertising of an organization, over the past few years. Going digital not only helps in uplifting the brand image but also helps in reaching the targeted audience which, in turn, aids in promoting sales and generating leads. Real Estate is one such industry that has tried, tested and achieved significant business growth with Digital Marketing and there is definitely more to come in 2018. A lot of real estate activity in the online space has been witnessed in the last decade. Property buyers and sellers do a vigorous research online before making the purchase or selling their property offline. Hence, it is of utmost importance to have a strong online presence to make your brand name stand out in the Realty Sector.

According to research by National Association of Realtors (2016), 44 percent of Home Buyers do a thorough online research before looking in person. The statistics clearly depict if you are not using technology for your real estate business, then you are behind the curve.



The advent of technology and digital marketing has had an immense impact on the Real Estate Industry. It is a situation to which you either adapt or simply be left behind. Here are a few ways in which technology has shaped the Real Estate Industry.


  • Transparency – With various websites providing information to anyone surfing the internet for free, the greatest impact seen is the proliferation of the public aggregation of information. We are all well past the point where the information and data could be hidden behind the subscription models/paywalls. Numerous websites are now curating the data, pricing, availability and much more for the entire sector to search.


  • Online Marketing – Broadcasting your company marketing message, getting property visibility or even marketing yourself has never been easier and more cost-effective. So many sites help developers and broker to get their property and messages out to the marketplace in seconds. With Pinpoint marketing and targeting using big data coming into existence simply means that the days of “spraying and praying” are over in a marketing sense.


  • Artificial Intelligence – Technology today performs tasks that require higher forms of intelligence. Artificial Intelligence tools allow machines and computers to function more intelligently. The increased use of machine learning techniques and deep learning in the Realty Sector will boost the quantity of information available, as well as the efficient processing of this information.The digitizing of data assets is becoming pocket-friendly and labor intensive with the help of Artificial Intelligence technologies.


  • Drones to enhance Human Experience –Various advancements in the artificial intelligence have contributed the most to the increasing use of drones. These drones are helpful in capturing 3D images and videos of buildings and commercial spaces which helps the buyer to narrow down on property options. Drones can be used efficiently for highlighting property amenities like backyards, pool, landscaping and a lot more to generate a sense of awe which cannot be achieved through normal photography.


  • 3D Virtual Tools – Real Estate Industry is going beyond photos. Virtual Realty has enabled users to get a real-time experience of living in their yet to be house. Using the 3D glasses, customers can experience a 3D view of the property/apartment they are interested in. This technology helps buyers to shortlist properties before making their final choice. This is one of the most expensive technologies used for marketing and is currently used only for hi-end projects targeting the NRI audience. However, a drop in price is expected in this technology for faster adoption and mass production.
Year 2018 –  Better Prospects for Real Estate

Year 2018 – Better Prospects for Real Estate



Considering the changes in policy introduced in 2016 like RERA, Demonetization and REITs, it appears that 2018 will be a great year for the real estate market of India. After the execution of RERA Act and the Benami Transaction (Prohibition) Amendment Act 2016, the country has turned into a preferred destination for real estate investment.

RERA and GST are driving global cash flows and boosting endorsement which has made India rank fourth for FDIs among the Asian countries. In the years to come, buyers and investors will see numerous opportunities in the residential housing through incentives for the affordable housing and modification of the office sector through REITs. 2018 is set to encounter more REITable listings in India combined with more investments in REITs with around 1.73 billion square feet of commercial real estate across warehouse segment, retail and office with a steady return of 9-12 percent and more, annually.

Things are going to get better over time and the reforms will help to shape up the industry to a more consumer-friendly market. To accomplish this, builders will rebuild business process to streamline project delivery and allied services, without stretching themselves too much in terms of scope of work or debt. Builder trying to rebuild business, clear up the backlog will lead them to tie up with more channel partners making it a win-win situation for the broker-builder relationship.

Drawing from the policy, one can say that developers stand to gain in terms of incentives from the government which will equally benefit the customer. Both, the seller and the buyer will benefit as options widen for the former and inventories are cleared for the latter. Such measures of the Centre have additionally brought about the accessibility of more funding options for developers. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) and debt financing from national financial institutions at highly competitive rates.


Building blocks

The year 2018 will be the year of the affordable segment, with the governments push for housing for all by 2022. With the impacts of all policy initiatives taken in 2016-2017, 2018 is expected to be a year of consolidation of products and services in the realty sector.

More joint developments and joint ventures will be noticed with large realty players taking over financially distressed developers and presenting the realty industry with a fresh line up of competitors.

It is believed by the experts that 2018 is unlikely to see any price rise, however, the recent reforms in the realty sector will boost the confidence of the investors and buyers and sales are likely to pick up. Also, the completion of existing projects will be prioritized over the new ones to be launched, therefore, 2018 looks promising for a good supply of houses across major Indian markets.

After getting the status of infrastructure in the Budget 2017, affordable housing in India will at last pick up the attention of developers and builders. According to the plans, 1 crore affordable houses must be built in rural areas of India by 2019 and to support this cheaper sources of finances have been provided. External business borrowings and refinancing of house loans by NHBs will help in the growth of the realty sector. The qualifying criteria for affordable housing have now been changed from 30 sq meter to 60 sq meter on carpet area from the saleable area, which will provide home seekers more space at the same price. Also, the limited availability of high-value currency due to demonetization will further bring down the property prices in the years to come. All these aspects together will make it easy for the government to achieve its goal of ‘Housing for All’ by 2022. Also, increasing the carpet area of houses to include more projects within its ambit, will continue to attract more prominent developers to realign their products to compete in this category.

Although the main challenge remains in the Tier 1 cities, where the land availability and costs within established locations are difficult, affordable housing is turning into a promising sector and possibly a game changer for the realty industry. It will definitely become an important segment in every builder’s profile in 2018.

New Avenues

In 2018, developers could be concentrating more on their niche expertise, specializing in various segments of real estate. For example, residential projects, plotted developments, township, retails and commercial spaces.With the help of general drive for entrepreneurship, today, India has some 350 co-working space operators running over 800 co-working spaces. This drive allows budding entrepreneurs start a business economically by providing them a platform for networking, flexible working hours and varied desk options. By 2025, 42 percent of India’s population will be working and living in urban centres – research predicts.Rise in co-working culture with more of India Inc. moving to hybrid living spaces- There can be seen an enormous rise in the co-working spaces in the metro cities as well as Tier II cities. It is functioning well for the startups, providing them flexible working options at an affordable price. In spite of the fact that there is a limited supply of co-working spaces in India, the segment is moving gradually into growth mode across India. Organizations with limited space requirements will rent out parts of their office spaces which will, in turn, give rise to ‘hybrid’ space.

Hopefully, in the coming years, more spends will be made towards digitization of property/land records, which is in tune with Digital India Mission. Digitization will in-turn reduce litigation, free up more land in Tier 1 cities to make living there more affordable and also reduce project deadlines, which will directly translate to lower down the costs for the end consumer (buyers & investors).

Here’s why Real Estate Investment In Mumbai will always Score!

Considered among the blooming markets, Real Estate Sector has seen a lot of investment in the previous years. Almost everyone is seen investing in this sector. Real estate in Mumbai offers great opportunity to everyone who is looking to diversify their profits. Real Estate in Mumbai is also considered as an expensive affair, but it is sure to make your investment count! Some of the reasons why one should invest in Real Estate in Mumbai are:


Benefits on Tax:


Purchasing a property is beneficial for long term Capital gains as the buyer receives tax exemptions from the government on buying a new property.


Financial Safety at times of Inflation:


Investing in Real Estate acts as protection against inflation, because it is among those investments where value increases along the increase in the currency value. Ever Increasing population and limited availability of land also plays a significant role in making this investment safe against inflation


Appreciates with time:


Another reason why one should invest in Real Estate is that it appreciates with time. For example the property valuations in Mumbai have increased by 47% over the last 3-4 years, the property rates have simply sky rocketed. All these factors contribute to turning your real estate development into an appreciating asset.


A great legacy to leave behind:


Real Estate is a permanent investment unless and until the owner decides to sell it. Even after the death of the owner, the property remains with the family. The future generation can likewise profit from this appreciating asset, making it a great legacy to leave behind.


Additional Income:


Investing in Mumbai’s real estate guarantees additional income, this additional income is generated by renting the apartment. Renting is quite profitable, one can earn approx 20,000-25,000 by just renting their property. The rent price also depends on the location of the apartment, so location also plays an important role here. For example, if you are planning to buy a property just for renting then you should opt for projects that are nearby the commercial complexes or is well connected to the rest of the city and has a good public transport availability. Also, renting as a business venture is quite popular and extremely profitable.


Safe Investment:


Incurring a loss in real estate is very difficult, because the value of the property only increases with time. Consider yourself sitting on goldmine of an asset if you own a property in Mumbai, as Real Estate in Mumbai has seen rise since 2008 and the prices have always kept on increasing. A proper research is recommended before buying a property, prefer buying the property from a reputed builder to avoid being duped. The owner can also sell or rent a property to generate income.



Why Is Pune A Perfect Destination For Home Buyers?

Long back, People of Mumbai would prefer buying a home in Pune just to relax over the weekend. But now, this city has emerged as a residential and commercial hub itself. Pune has seen a surge of educational institutions, IT firms, and auto part companies in the past few years. All this has triggered development, the importance and prices of city’s real estate to go up! So, if you are planning to buy a property, you can surely make an investment in Pune’s residential properties and buy a property for sale in Pune or an apartment for sale in Pune.


Here are some reasons why Pune is a perfect destination for home buyers.


Small and Clean City


Pune used to be the second home destination for the Mumbaikars during weekends, long before the prices of property in Pune skyrocketed. Even as Pune has developed bounds and leaps in terms of income potential, this city still lives up to the title of “Cultural Capital Of Maharashtra”, as it offers a lot in terms of entertainment like old-world regional cinema and plays. This Queen of Deccan is also not over populated like other metropolitan cities and has retained the lush green nature it always had. All this makes the city you would want to live in with all the urban advantages.


Property Value Appreciation


Properties in Pune have seen the maximum amount of appreciation amongst the metropolitan cities of India, from 2011 to 2014. According to experts, the trend is likely to continue as Pune offers opportunities for the services and manufacturing industries. Pune, which is known to be an upper-middle class city has most appreciation in properties in the mid and high-end segments. Well, all the home buyers look for assurance of growth in property value. This Queen of Deccan is also showing signs of growth and emergence of peripheral areas like Pirangut, Punawale, and Alande. Pune offers a mix of affordable housing and also promise good value appreciation.


Developing Infrastructure


Quite a few infrastructure projects are lined up in Pune which is sure to help the Punekars in two ways making their life easier and also provide for the emerging new real estate areas and opportunities. The new underdevelopment airport at Rajgurunagar is among the largest infrastructural projects here. This long-delayed new airport will replace the old one as that does not surface the need of this growing city.

How Will Cashless Economy Impact Secondary Transaction Of Ghatkopar’s Real Estate?

Late on 8th November, PM Narendra Modi took the country by surprise and scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. The scrapping of these currencies led to chaos outside the banks where people were looking either for currency exchange or depositing their old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency.


While the majority of the business industries have reacted to this decision in an overwhelming support, there is one industry which has majority of their transactions taking place in cash and is sure to face a hard time after demonetization is The Real Estate Industry! As a lot of transaction in Mumbai’s Real Estate take place on cash basis, a very high involvement of black money has been seen in this sector. Also, in the real estate sector, there is one specific market which is sure to be the one which will suffer the most and that is the secondary market or as we call it the resale market.


Well, the Myth is that the real estate market will go down and face loss, but the truth is, the only market to be affected is the resale market and plot buying market. In Mumbai, specifically Ghatkopar Real Estate, which is well known for resale properties will see a major impact from this demonetization as the payment module followed in buying the resale property is 40% cash and 60% on legal documents which clearly means that 40% of the cash payment is black money and only 60% of the payment is shown white. Well, if the ministry’s 2012 assessment is to be believed, then the realty sector accounts for more than 50% of the current black money market! Ghatkopar, a Gujarati and Marwadi driven area, will see a down slope when it comes to the secondary market in the coming 6 months as the cash transaction here comprises of 30-40 percent! Which is a huge number! At the same time, the primary market need not worry at all as they are to remain stable because most of the people buying an upcoming project tend to take loans and pay through legal channels. Mumbai’s Real Estate market expects an upside on rental transactions after the demonetization exercise as people who are desperately looking out for an apartment to settle down would now want to settle for a rental home due to lack of cash in hand.


If you are someone who is planning to buy a property which is least to be affected by demonetization, then you can opt for upcoming MICL, Dhamji Shamji, Neelkanth to name a few, are among those who are completely safe and are available on Mumbai Property Hub!


This Demonetization exercise is sure to bring stability and transparency to this unorganized real estate market and will also help the customer to know about their rights and will ensure zero cheating. Demonetization will also make customers buy their dream home at an affordable price as it is also believed that the luxury segment of realty industry will fall by 25-30%.

RQube Website Templates

RQube Website Templates

These days you have to be online if you want to be noticed. A well-designed and professional looking real estate website is a must to attract visitors or potential real estate clients.

While it’s important for your site to look as good as possible and with our RQube templates, it’s easier to achieve this than ever before. From our expert industry experience of real estate marketing we have designed website templates for real estate developers.

With the newly launched website templates you have the option to choose between real estate optimized templates for microsites (for projects) and websites (for brand websites).


RQube provides you with an option to choose from two template designs. The main features are:

  • IP Integration: This helps detect the user location and accordingly reflects the flag of the country in the lead capture forms to track the country code.
  • Multiple Lead Forms: The templates has multiple forms which are strategically located keeping various capture points and user behaviorin mind.
  • Google Map Integration: The project location is displayed via Google maps so that the user can clearly get an idea about  the project‘s locality.
  • Mobile responsive:  Now target users on mobile platforms from our mobile responsive templates.  Highly important feature considering the rise in traffic on mobile devices.

Along with these we have also kept in mind about the website design aesthetic and an interactive layout is used in the RQube templates.

Not just websites but RQube is your one stop solution for all your real estate ERP requirements. You can now manage all your data on one platform.

Track projects from concept to allocation and even marketing. With RQube Lead+ you can track the details at every stage of lead life-cycle. It improves the marketing campaigns efficiency and helps you measure the ROI of each campaign.

Don’t miss out on such a useful product if you’re into online marketing for real estate. Leave all your campaign management worries to RQube, making your work simple and results effective.

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Realty Redefined Bags Best Execution Award

Realty Redefined Bags Best Execution Award

Realty Redefined is thrilled to be awarded with the Best Execution Award at the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), 6th India Digital Awards 2016 in ‘Performance Marketing’ Category. A special congrats to our Real Estate Online Marketing Team for the outstanding experience they create for our RDigital clients everyday.

The world is getting more digitized day-by-day. Most home buyers these days start their hunt online. In the times of changing trends, we ensure the best digital services for Real Estate market from generating leads to CRM and ERP. We create this experience through our real estate software, tools and products like RDigital, RSquare and RQube.




2015 was a great year for RSquare. From being one of the earliest real estate applications available on the mobile, RSquare quickly went on to become one of the most popular applications. We have received a very positive response from the real estate professionals using RSquare regularly. As we step up our efforts to build even more and better features on the application in 2016, it is the right time for us to take a quick stock of the previous year, and also highlight some of the best features of the mobile app.

As a real estate professional, you know that most of the business is on the field. You have to be constantly on the move – meeting people, exploring neighbourhoods, inspecting properties, interacting with prospective customers – the list is endless. Moreover, you hardly find time to visit the office, let alone work at the office after a day of traveling. That is why RSquare is so right for you! You can access your office from anywhere, with just your smartphone and work anywhere. All your data is securely stored in cloud servers, and all members of your team can work with this data in real time. You also get to use the smartphone features such as the camera to collect images and videos of the properties you inspect, communicate with your existing and prospective customers, etc.

Here we will discuss the six key features of the mobile app that will make your job a whole lot easier.

  1. Anywhere access to the Property Database

One of the major issues with the existing desktop CRMs was the inconvenience that it subjected the users to. Even though real estate professionals are usually on the field attending to the customers, they would have to come back to the office to check their database. They would not even be able to respond to enquiries or requests for urgent requirements without consulting their computer.

This was one of the first concerns that motivated us to develop the real estate application for smartphones. With RSquare, we give the real estate professionals their freedom, but more importantly, we give them the ability to access their exhaustive database at the touch of a button! With filters, they can shortlist the relevant results, and communicate the same with their customers.

2. On the spot Property/ Enquiry capture in less than a minute

Whether you receive a property for listing or an enquiry by prospective customers, it is impossible to keep track of all the entries. Usually, real estate agents pick and choose from the incoming leads so as to service the most promising ones.

But with RSquare, it hardly takes a minute for you to capture this information and assign it for follow-up. For properties, you can take photographs and videos to showcase the best features to build a showcase.

3. Auto-matching Property/ Enquiry

This is one of the coolest features of the RSquare mobile application. When you receive an enquiry on a specific type of property such as a 2BHK in Tilak Nagar, all the matching properties are listed out automatically. The system then responds to the enquiry directly by sending out this list to the customer without any intervention on your part. This way, you do not have to worry about losing a single lead since RSquare completes this task on your behalf, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

4. Property/ Enquiry Message for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps used in communication today. Almost everybody uses WhatsApp on a daily basis, including real estate customers. Wouldn’t it be great if they could receive their requisite information on WhatsApp itself? With RSquare, they can. You can communicate with your customers through SMS, Email, and even WhatsApp messages.

5. Digital Marketing in one click

Use the latest tools and techniques of digital marketing to grow your leads, and convert these leads to closed deals. Google advertising, property portals such as Sulekha, commonfloor, magicbricks and others are all connected to RSquare; that is, with one click, you can post your properties to these sites, and increase the visibility of these posts by sharing on social media.

6. Manage Day to day activities from your phone

RSquare is not just for you, but your employees too! You can set the access and the restrictions to the database as you see fit. This way, the hierarchy of your company is intact, by limiting the access. You can also assign specific tasks to specific employees who can then update the status once the task is completed.


RSquare is designed to give you an easy experience of meeting your daily needs in running a real estate company. We would love to hear from you regarding any doubts on using the software for your business. Please leave your views in the comments.

Ten best RSquare updates of 2015!

Ten best RSquare updates of 2015!

RSquare was introduced in 2015, after the huge popularity of its predecessor, Realty Redefined for Consultants. There were numerous updates and several new and exciting features introduced this year. Here are the main features that we shortlisted, though there are so many others that we could not fit into this article.


  1. RSquare launch with improved UI

Prior to 2015, it was Realty Redefined for Consultants. We undertook extensive rebuilding of the brand and the product itself, and introduced RSquare. Though there were hundreds of changes, the most important (and the most visible) was the importance given to User Interaction and User Experience.

2.Mobile App

RSquare is probably the first application for real estate agents to have its own mobile app. RSquare mobile was released in June 2015, and has quickly become one of the absolute favourites for real estate consultants, who can take care of all their business from just their smartphones!


This is the first initiative of its kind aimed at mapping the details of every real estate project in the country. This considerably simplifies the process for real estate consultants, who can choose from this database, saving time that it would have taken to enter the details manually.

4.Website Integration

RSquare offers search engine optimised websites that help consultants showcase their properties and also in branding. In 2015, the websites (which are responsive now) are integrated to RSquare, thus enabling the consultants to share data from their CRM directly to the website. This is one of the most popular updates, saving a lot of time and effort of the consultants.

5. AgentSearch

Agentsearch is India’s exclusive search directory for real estate agents. It is a platform to enable customers to search for and contact a real estate agent of choice, based on their personal preferences.

6. Auto Email/ SMS functionality

Before RSquare introduced its cool way of working, CRM for real estate was actually an arduous process. There were lengthy steps for every process; even sending a mail or SMS had to be done manually. Well, not with RSquare, since it does all this automatically. By increasing the interaction between agents and customers, there is a greater chance of closing the deal.

7. RMarket

Marketing for real estate is a lot different from conventional marketing. And who better than the experts to make it easy for you? RSquare makes it easier than ever for real estate consultants to post properties and projects on platforms such as Trovit, Locanto, HomeHippo, etc. It also helps share the data on Facebook and Twitter from CRM directly, so you can instantly reach all your personal and professional contacts too!

8. Email to Lead Integration

This is one of the best features that received a lot of positive feedback! RSquare integrates your email directly to the CRM, so that the leads that you receive from portals such as magicbricks, 99acres,, etc are directly entered into the CRM. You also receive a notification for every email, with all the relevant information such as the contact information of the lead, requirements, and other details so your inbox is effectively managed.

9. Lead Management system

Leads from your websites are now automatically handled by RSquare. You receive notifications with automatic timestamps and other relevant information. The property/ enquiry is also automatically entered into the system (so you don’t have to manually enter it). Does this not make it easy for you to manage your leads effectively?

10. Auto Property Alerts to Enquiry

Whenever an enquiry is entered into the system, based on the specifications mentioned in the enquiry, RSquare searches for all matching properties/ projects in your database. The list of matching properties is sent to the prospective buyer without any effort on your part. Basically, this means that RSquare not only works for you, but for your customers too!



Here is a basic checklist for your real estate website. How many have you completed?

A real estate website is much more than a real estate portal. A successful website is more than just a showcase of your real estate properties. If a prospective customer lands on your website, will he be able to find all the information he will need to complete the deal? How will he find the experience? Are there too many pages and links? Is the design appealing enough?

Any successful real estate website has several features that work in its favour and help make it stand out from the crowd. Here, we list down the six essential features for your website to stand out from the crowd.

1. Searchability

Your visitors should be able to find whatever they are looking for with the least number of clicks. This is the reason that we insist on providing a property search functionality in real estate websites. Your homepage must include a search bar, and also have options for more advanced search such as location, area, property type, etc.

The idea is that within the website, the user does not have to spend too much time in searching for individual items. Once the search results are displayed, each result should include more details of the property such as number of rooms, area in feet, amenities, neighbourhood, etc. Also ensure that the user is able to save his searches, or individual properties, if he wants to use it later. This is also where you should highlight your contact information to enable your visitors to contact you easily.

2. Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are growing at an amazing speed. They are competing with laptops as the preferred instrument for accessing the internet. For you, this means that your website has to be compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile optimised websites have to be as similar to the main website as possible to maintain your branding. Always check to see if the images you are using are visible correctly on your mobile devices too.

3. Information Quality

There are two key features for website content: 1. Education 2. Following up


It is possible to educate your visitors without boring them. Keep your visitors engaged with original and interesting content that is helpful to them. It is only when your website is relevant to your target audience that they will come to your website.

This could be regarding information such as real estate options, the neighbourhood, the amenities, etc. You can also put up content such as photos, videos, and infographics. This will also help in improving SEO.

Your content can also include the different financial products available to the buyers. This could be simple apps like mortgage calculators, interest calculators, and even information related to the process of buying or renting a place. If you cannot create original content, you can also share third party links.

Follow Up:

The important thing is to maintain continuous communication. If you are talking about financial products, ensure that you provide more information on the same topic again. This not only helps in bringing visitors back to your website, but also helps in establishing you as a knowledge source on a particular topic that people will share with their friends.

4. Customer Interaction

Always be prompt in your communication. If a potential customer leaves you a message, ensure that you respond within 24 hours at the most. Have an auto-responder in place for the times that you won’t be able to respond. If customers feel that they are not going to receive a reply, they will quickly move on to the next agent.

It is also a great way for a lasting first impression.

5. Design

Real estate websites have the potential to be eye-catching and beautiful. Whether showcasing the property or the neighbourhood, having hi-res images can attract attention in the right way. But to effectively showcase the images, you need to also focus on your website design. Pleasing aesthetics can go a long way in building your impression.

6. Functionality

Only a beautiful design is of no use if it is functionally poor. Any errors like wrong links, programme errors like wrong calculations, incorrect information, long load times, and even blank pages are some of the reasons why visitors to your page might be unimpressed. Always ensure that your real estate website is completely functional.

Brilliant Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Sell a Property

Real estate marketing is a tough task, and anyone who has tried to sell a listed property is aware of the difficulty. Though there are no shortcuts, there are different ways of increasing the chances of a successful sale. Here, we explore a few creative options that play a strong role in closing the deal. Though we cannot guarantee the success, we are quite sure about increasing the effectiveness of your existing marketing ideas.

Existing Plans
Most real estate agents still rely on traditional methods of marketing that have been in use for a long time now. What’s alarming is the same methods that are used by every agent. There is almost no difference in the marketing used by competitors for clients and properties. This is why we advise realtors to be more creative in marketing; for the end customer all options look the same.
We do understand and agree that some of these plans are still the most effective methods of attracting leads. Ad spots in publications, referrals, email marketing, and even social media marketing are all good ways of finding buyers and clients. However, if your communication is not attractive enough for the buyers, then you are certainly reducing the effectiveness.

What can you do about it?
Your communication usually consists of marketing two things: 1. client’s properties/ listings 2. Your agency/ service.
For greater success, you have to be able to do both, and do them well. Bland messages, or unexciting ads will not hold the buyers’ attention, and many will simply move on to other messages.
Here we list down some new ideas for you to try.

1. Provide a different perspective
As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of using the right words in selling the property. However, have you ever wondered about how can you do that differently?

Agreed that words are important, but customers do not get the complete picture in this case. There is so much importance regarding the experience of the property rather than the description that improves your sales pitch immensely.

The simplest way to do so would be to use high-quality pictures and videos. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional for those services is up to you and your client. But the effectiveness is undeniable. A well-designed portfolio is more attractive and relatable to potential customers. Especially for premium properties, this is almost a necessity. You understand the value of a great first impression. We assume that the first impression is when they are visiting the property, but most customers usually make up their minds with the available images. It is very important that you present your clients’ listings in the best possible light.

These days, drone technology to capture images and videos is gaining support. You could also go for the same. However, ensure that using drones is legal and that you have obtained all required permissions before the exercise.

2. Give them a try before they buy
Buyers are making one of the most important financial decisions of their lives. They are spending and are committing to spend a lot of money for what you are selling. Think of it this way, when you are buying some appliance for your house, you try it out before you buy. Wouldn’t it be great if your buyers could also get some sort of an experience of the real estate that they are buying?

This would require the approval from the sellers. A service like AirBnB is a great way of showcasing your house. This is especially true for premium residential properties. Purchasing is an emotional decision, and nothing will appeal to the buyer as being physically present. Though not always practical, most customers would be delighted to avail this service.

3. Don’t forget the neighbourhood!
Sometimes, the property can sell itself on its strengths than the real estate agent. And even the neighbourhood plays an important role in the decisions.
Premium properties usually have a great neighbourhood too. They will have amenities and attributes that make it stand out. Try arranging a meet with the neighbours, find out if they would be open to meeting the new people who might be moving in.

We hope that these ideas help you come up with your own creative ideas on selling real estate effectively. You can try them individually, or as some combination that will be effective for you. If you do follow them, we would love to hear from you on your experience. This is your chance to take some risks and be creative in selling real estate.

INTRODUCING AGENTSEARCH – For real estate agents

INTRODUCING AGENTSEARCH – For real estate agents

Agenstearch - free portal to search for real estate agents

Agentsearch is a new tool developed for the benefit of both customers as well as the real estate professionals. It is designed to be a platform where real estate agents can collaborate with other real estate agents, and improve their efficiency. Agentsearch is a free app that can be downloaded by any real estate agent and a free profile can be created which will then be directly shown to the end customers who are looking for the right real estate agent. A well-designed and updated profile has a greater chance of being shortlisted by them.

The main issue that the real estate agents face is visibility. Though they may offer specialised services, their customers do not get to know this. It would save them both a lot of time and energy if they could just shortlist the real estate agents they are looking, and deal with them directly. This has a much better chance of converting to a closed deal than randomly approaching many agents.

Exchanging Leads and Properties:

But that’s not all! Agentsearch can help real estate agents in a lot of ways. The revolutionary idea is that the way it lets real estate agents work with other agents. An agent can share his properties with those who need such properties, and both of them together close the deal. This is a great feature that ensures maximum deals are closed, and more agents are benefitted.

If you are a real estate agent do not let this opportunity go! Download Agentsearch for free from the Playstore and App Store, and create your own profile. If you would like to know more or need any clarification, please call us at 1800 266 0966 or write to us at .

Follow These Six Simple Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents (also called brokers) function in a highly competitive environment. The entry barriers for the profession hardly exist, so the numbers keep increasing. Moreover, the real estate field seems to be moving towards sustained growth, and more agents are expected to join. However, this means that there is increased competition among the existing professionals and you have to distinguish your company from the other. Below, we list out six simple yet effective habits of real estate agents that will immediately set you up for better branding and more visibility.

  1. Promptly respond to calls/ email
    Usually, people looking for real estate call quite a few real estate agents who they think can help. They do not expect solutions as soon as they call, but they certainly expect a call back with the responses. Customers who receive a call back know trust real estate agent is interested in providing solutions and will stick to him for further search.
  2. Up-to-date on the latest technology
    Most of the new age customers today are comfortable with the latest technology, and use it extensively even for their real estate needs. When real estate agents are comfortable with technology, it greatly improves communication and even the overall experience of the customers. If you are looking for reliable, easy-to-use technology tools for real estate, please visit
  3. Expertise in their area of operation
    As real estate agent, develop an area of specialisation to help you stand out from the others. Whether it is a specific location, city, or even different categories like commercial complexes, or specific residential projects such as individual houses, build up your expertise and visibility. This way, when customers look for real estate agents for particular projects, they will contact you.
  4. Explain what you are doing to your customers
    Your customers should be in the loop regarding your efforts. If you don’t let the customers know what you are up to, your contribution is not recognised. Instead, update them on what you are doing, why you would advise against any projects, or why you think they should go for a particular project.
  5. They get leads wherever they can
    Real estate agents know the importance of leads. They mine leads everywhere they can, both in the online and the offline avenues. The truth is, real estate leads can come from anywhere, and effective agents know that this is important. They follow a distributed model of marketing so they can reach the maximum number with minimum investment.
  6. Network, network, network!
    A successful real estate agent has a reliable network of colleagues and peers that he helps him with new projects and customers. Real estate is moving towards a new area, and requires a new way of functioning. Networking is a great way of finding people to connect, and work together towards common goals.

Of course there are many, many more effective ways of growing your real estate business. We have only listed out the most popular ones. If you are interested in exploring how technology can help, visit us at . Call us toll-free at 1800 266 0966 or write to us at .

Realty Redefined wins ‘Team of the Season’ in Google Partners for real estate marketing

Realty Redefined wins ‘Team of the Season’ in Google Partners for real estate marketing

 In January this year, Google came up with a competition to see who is the best Google Partner agency in India. According to the rules laid out by them, this competition would run for 6 months i.e., from January to June. The agencies taking part would be judged on several factors: the quality of service, the amount of business they could bring, and also on the best practices in search engine marketing.

We are proud to announce that Realty Redefined has been declared the Team of the Season. Admittedly, the competition was a tough nut to crack, and given the fact that there are more than 3000 partner agencies in India, we knew we were entering a tough competition. However, we were determined to showcase our capabilities, and this was a perfect platform for us to do it. Going into the competition, we were sure of only one thing: we wanted to be the best in the country.

Realty Redefined- No. 1 Google Partner

Realty Redefined has been offering real estate marketing services for more than 8 years now, and this has helped us understand the sector very well. We understand the dynamics of real estate, specific customer insights, and even the best ways to attract and convert customers.

Our digital marketing team really worked their hearts out to make sure that we won by a comfortable margin. At the end of the first quarter, we were still a long way off the mark. However, our team responded to the challenge in an inspired way to ensure that we capture the race before the end line was in sight. At the end of the competition, Realty Redefined had single-handedly raised more than $350,000 in revenues!

We are really happy that we have lived up to the expectations that our customers have reposed in us. Our brand promise of being the best in real estate marketing has been proved once again, and we’ll make sure that it stays that way.

RDigital- The Right Way to Real Estate Marketing

RDigital- The Right Way to Real Estate Marketing

RDigital- From Leads to Bookings

RDigital-From Leads to Bookings

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Importance of Real Estate Software

The importance of the real estate sector in India cannot be overstated. It is expected to grow at more than 30% annually over the next decade. The sheer size (~USD 180 billion by 2020) contributes around 5-6% of our country’s GDP. However, many in the industry believe that the growth story is far from over. In fact, most believe that it is only starting now.

Real estate in India does not get the attention it deserves. Due to various factors, it has always fallen short of the potential it has to change not just business, but lives even. However, change is only a matter of time, and it is time for the real estate sector.

Though technology has undergone a sea change in the last couple of decades, this change is yet to be adapted to the real estate community. Some of the older methods of working are still in use, and are being followed since they are unaware of more efficient ways of working. For example, consultants or brokers still rely on outdated practices of interacting with their customers. When the customer uses digital technology in his everyday life, why would he be ok with those standards of customer service? When the customer uses the internet to simplify every aspect of his life, he would not be satisfied with these traditional practices. The customer would require more, and demand better service. This is where CRM comes to the rescue.

CRM, an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is a platform that offers its users several options to provide better service to its users. The consultants, especially, would find it extremely useful to adopt a Real Estate CRM software to be more efficient, and for a more delighted clientele. It is not even an option anymore, but rather absolutely essential if the consultant is to be up to date with the customers. Responding to emails, timely reports, a credible online presence – all these factors are no longer luxuries, but basic requirements of digital customers. Even more importantly, a CRM helps you manage your entire database in a single screen. It gives you unparalleled level of control over your resources, and plays a huge role in the final bottom line of your enterprise.

RSquare is an exclusive mobile app that takes CRM to a whole new level. Consultants can now enjoy the many benefits of CRM on their mobile itself. RSquare also provides several marketing avenues for the consultants to showcase their inventory, and provide offers and discounts. The ease of use and the intuitive user experience has already received several rave reviews.

Now, you can see for yourself the effect of RSquare by asking for a free demo. Please call at 1800 266 0966 or mail at to schedule a demo at your convenience. We would be glad to hear from you!

Online Lead Generation in Real Estate

The World Wide Web offers an excellent opportunity for prospect generation. Since almost 70% prospective clients use the Internet while searching for properties, tapping into this large pool of leads is a necessity for increasing sales opportunities.

Online prospect/lead generation can be done in a number of ways. The best process is to be able to attract traffic to your real estate website.For this to happen, your website should be Search Engine Optimized. Once the probable lead traffic increases due to good content, lead information can be captured online itself. This would be a very good source of quality leads. Further, this information can be integrated in a CRM system for both real estate consultants and real estate developers which will enable you to easily touch base with every prospect. Other avenues of lead generation include listings on property portals and networking groups.

A new form of effective online real estate marketing that is fast emerging is Social Media Marketing. Specific examples would be to have profiles with good content on social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Besides these, targeted email campaigns also help significantly to not only increase awareness and brand promotion, but also to divert traffic to your website. Email campaign responses serve as equally good sources of prospective clients since it indicates interest on part of the potential customer.

Effective real estate property marketing

The use of Information Technology is slowly but surely changing the Real Estate business landscape in India. The real estate brokerage business is in the midst of dramatic changes brought about by online technology, increased automation and enhanced accessibility to information. Business survival is becoming more closely tied to real estate consulting firms’ abilities to adapt to technological changes and to use technology to attract customers. The most important question for anyone who is in the real estate business is – Whether you are ready to reinvent yourself in these changing circumstances in order to propel towards the rapid phase of growth that lies ahead?

Changing profile of potential customers: Customers expect much more from a real estate broker/salesperson today than in the past. Potential clients are far well informed since they are able to harness the power of the Internet to access information. They in turn also expect real estate professionals to raise their service offerings and use a professional approach to meet client needs. This becomes almost a necessity in case of high value NRI clients who rely on online information and prefer consultants with a good brand image.

Realtors implementing IT certainly have the edge! – The implementation of Information Technology plays a key role in bringing down operational costs, improving customer relationships and reaching out to online prospects on the internet. Information Technology can add a lot of value to Real Estate businesses by helping them with Customer Relationship management, online advertisement and brand positioning. Such realtors can manage their business efficiently, market properties using digital channels, increase sales, and provide a noticeably higher level of service to both buyers and sellers.

What opportunities exist and how can IT help?
By implementing a robust and efficient real estate software solution like RSquare- India’s Exclusive Real Estate CRM & Mobile App for Real Estate Agentsand RQube- ERP for Real Estate Developers , real estate professionals can target the following areas in order to streamline and grow their business:

Business Management

  • Manage real estate inventory with requirements efficiently
  • Match properties for a requirement and shortlist them for clients
  • Schedule inspections and generate inspection reports to give the client the exact match for his requirement
  • Track bookings and manage payments
  • Efficiently manage and track agreements and transactions
  • Generate professional quality proposals, property listing reports, registration reports for personalized communication

Integrated Marketing and Networking

  • Easily conduct Email and SMS campaigns to a targeted group
  • Instantly network with a large number of realtors on a platform such as Agent Search to share properties and requirements

Benefiting from the huge online market of buyers and sellers via personalized portals

  • Grab a significant share of online traffic (over 200,000 real estate searches per month as on today)
  • Give a professional touch to your business by establishing a strong online presence.
  • Integrate your website with your Realty Redefined software to easily list properties with photographs on the prospect portal

Property Management System in India

Nowadays, buyers are more likely to search for the real estate using the Internet as it consumes less time and is much more convenient than that from the traditional real estate company. With over 70% of real estate transactions being made online starting from the last decade, as well as the rise of competition from other real estate companies & real estate data aggregation sites, the simple and boring lists to present a large amount of data can no longer attract the potential customers. Thus realtors also need to be more organized, quick, proactive and 24*7 available to their customers be it face-to-face or online. To make your real estate marketing successful, a user-friendly tool for effective presentation of data is definitely required.

Here is where Realty Redefined – A Real Estate CRM System comes as a savior for agents and developers. Established since 3 years in Indian real estate market, it is tested and proved to be the best real estate technological solution available over time.
Realty Redefined is Web-Based real estate software that allows real estate agents and developers to organize and manage property listings, client or business contacts, web real estate resources. It also provides flexibility and ease to real estate consultants and developers to have an access to the system and their complete data from anywhere and everywhere through its online version. For the database novice, Realty Redefined has intuitive interface and ready-to-use real estate-related database solutions make it easy to set up and use.

  • Listing Organizer: keep track of your property listings, generate reports or web catalogs
  • Client Organizer: keep track of all your contacts, print letters, send emails and SMS
  • Business Organizer: keep track of all your business contacts, print letters/labels, send bulk emails and bulk SMS
  • Web Resources Organizer: update latest property photos and videos on personal website, organize useful online resources (mapping systems, real estate glossaries, calculators)

Realty Redefined – Benefits

  • Simple, easy-to-use: Ready-to-use Real Estate Agent’s and Developer’s solution and the user-friendly interface lets you easily and quickly organize your listings, clients, business contacts, web resources.
  • Centralized Database: Multiple offices? Maintain a central database for the access of data from every office and by every assigned employee.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Helps transform strategies, operational processes and business functions in order to retain customers and increase customer loyalty and profitability.
  • Auto-Match Properties: Identifying and meeting customer needs is in as the primary goal of Realty Redefined which can be done by just one click.
  • Configure Projects: Developers within no time can configure their projects as per the needs of the customers.
  • Efficient Lead Management: Lead management for agents and developers has never been so easy with out missing a single client.
  • Inventory Management: Opening inventories for sale and closing deals with just few clicks of the mouse.
  • Complete Business Communication: Bulk marketing/promotion of properties and requirements through email/SMS campaign is as easy and quick as it can be.
  • 24*7 Networking: Sharing of properties and requirements with registered cream realtors in the market with just click of a button.
  • Website Integration: Upload and Update content and photos/videos of properties/projects on personal websites, Alerts on customers visiting websites.
  • Builders Projects: A-Z updated information of all the ongoing and upcoming real estate projects in the market with downloadable data like floor plan, layout, configuration, location map and much more with photos.
  • Performance Mapping: Scale performance on weekly / monthly / quarterly / half yearly / yearly basis which helps making future investment decisions and forecasting.
  • Professional Reports: Auto-generated Property/Requirement Registration, Property Listing, Marketing Expenditures, Inspection and many other reports.

So by the integration of all the above features and many more, no real estate dealer or developer may disagree in the fact that Realty Redefined has been the best real estate CRM solution for them; which has already helped and guided hundreds of realtors to organize, grow, expand, scale their performance, and never miss on market opportunities.

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Software for real estate Bengaluru

Realty firms in India are recovering from a slump that saw prices drop 25-30 percent, hope tax sops are extended to boost construction of affordable homes, but eye more benefits from an anticipated push to infrastructure and easier income tax regime. In the last eight months, lower prices and cheaper bank loans have spurred home sales, but an interest rate hike could dampen sentiment. Despite a string of government efforts to ease concerns, rising prices are posing a big challenge for the government, particularly high food prices, and they may prompt the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates even before April. The BSE real estate index rose 20.22 percent from July to December 2009, much in line with the main index, which rose 20.5 percent. This year till the close of Feb. 18, the BSE real estate index fell 14.36 percent, while the main index was down 6.5 per cent. Developers get income tax benefits under section 80-IB on housing projects with small houses (upto 1,000 square feet in metros and 1,500 sqaure feet in non-metros) that have to be completed within four years of obtaining approvals. The section introduced in 1998 was extended many times and as of now approvals cleared in 2008 are eligible and developers want to extend that to 2012.Bangllore is in a completely opposite swing. It is the undisputed first choice for all IT/ITES companies and with the outsourcing of services (BPO’s) in full blast we have witnessed a boom in the city’s economics over the last two decades. Major real estate players in Bangalore are moving towards more sophisticated technological solution and are also trying to establish a good online presence. The exploding software job market, handsome salaries and the easily available home loans have helped the real estate market to rise meteorically from the recession slump in the last 2 years.

The sudden demand for homes has led to a scramble for construction especially in the South, East and Central areas of Bangalore. The rates in certain locations like Whitefield, Sarjapur road, Outer Ring Road, Bannerghatta Road, Hosur Road have spiraled at an alarming rate .Whitefield for example has seen a 100% increase in land rates in just over a year. This construction boom should continue for the next year and a half at least and with the FDI’s opened up, there could be a spurt in construction in suburban Bang alore, and the city could witness some high quality, fast-paced development on the outskirts. This should eventually even-out the demand and supply, and we could witness a stabilizing of rates across the city, which would be welcome as the rates of homes are fast getting out of reach.

Software for real estate Chennai

Chennai is known as the commercial hub of south india.Real estate sector has a fortunate growth in Chennai. As commercial sector is growing a large percentage of people migrate to Chennai which in turn is creating demand for rental space & apartments. A huge amount of FDI is being generated in Chennai as foreign investors have opted to invest in Chennai. Hence it is rightly said that Real Estate as a business in Chennai is on a upswing resulting to capital maximization for the city. Cost of living in Chennai is far lower as compared to other metros like Delhi, Mumbai etc hence a huge chunk of the population intends to invest herein. Chennai has further known for substantial growth in commercial Realty sector as many multinationals have come to Chennai to set up their subsidiaries. Industries like IT,BPO & corporate houses looking for commercial properties have changed the face of Real Estate market in Chennai. Residential market is growing parallel with the commercial sector. IT sector is also growing in Chennai .Residential prices have grown in Chennai in the last 4-5 years approximately by 10%. Spaces for investment purpose have gained advantage over the years. Rates in Chennai very between Rs.4500/- to 15000/- depending on the area & locality. Tapping such a huge market without the help of technology will hamper managing your business effectively.

Real Estate sector being spread all over geographically hence should not be hampered due to vast geographical disabilities. Hence the solution to which is realty redefined which could make your business mere efficient to operate it at your fingertips from where ever you want.Relty redefined is backed by experience of 3 years specialized in catering to the real estate sector. Manage all your Data Base with realty redefined software integrated with realtor connect (wherein you can connect to top 250 brokers from Mumbai) & builder projects. A CRM Software with integrated Real Estate Website Designs will help real estate advisors & developers to manage the business more effectively. It will help them to manage their data base in a hassle free manner. CRM software’s are secure and easy to use.

Chennai is currently witnessing a stunning growth in the Real Estate Market. Chennai has a diversified economic base. The main industries are software services, hardware manufacturing, automobile and financial services.
Chennai has emerged as the top candidate for ‘Location Ranking Survey’ among the other three Indian metros- Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.
Chennai is experiencing a major real estate boom. The primary cause of this is the rapid development of the Information Technology and realty based softwares. This has attracted professionals in real estate sector with minimal investments in business automation technology to ease their work and forward better and quick services to their customers. The consumerist culture has also encouraged the growth of organized retailing.
In order to compete in the ever-booming Chennai real estate market and to attract business travelers, several up-market hotels and 5-star luxury homes are designed by builders in Chennai in the last decade. International hotel chains like JW Marriott, Radisson has constructed hotels in Chennai.
The prospective property buyer in Chennai is highly fragmented; the majority work in the I.T sector followed by Financial Services.
There is also another segment- the NRI’s or the Non Resident Indians who usually buys high value ‘cream’ properties in Chennai.
Land prices in Chennai has showed an upward trend in the last few years; this has led to an active demand for flats or apartments. For the well heeled there is the choice of purchasing independent houses like villas and semi detached cottages. These high value properties usually come with other ‘frills’ like swimming pools, gymnasium and exclusive club memberships. The unique feature of such properties is that they are usually located on the I.T corridor (old Mahabalipuram Road) – making the daily commuting of residents easier to the office.

Planning of such properties while keeping in mind the requirements of the consumers and eventually facilitating it to the right customer has become very easy with the help of different I.T. tools like real estate softwares for consultants as well as developers.
The promotion of Chennai as an investment destination has resulted in developers promoting I.T Parks. Commercial and Industrial land is getting costlier every passing day. The old industrial heartland of Chennai situated in the western part of the city has attracted commercial developers.
The increase in property prices has also been a boon to the government authorities; higher property prices mean higher revenue collections! There has been a 40% increase in revenue collection compared to the previous years.

Software for real estate Delhi

Delhi is the national capital of India and also one of the hottest destinations for investors. One of the most proactive reasons for investor’s priority as such is due to its good connectivity with most of the cities in India other than the best connecting city to all international airports. The property prices in Delhi in the recent times have been quite exorbitant. Delhi’s Khan Market has also been in the news for being the costliest retail locale in the world. The Confederation of Indian Industries has ranked New Delhi as having the best quality of life for its residents among all cities in the India based on their latest “Liveability Index.” Delhi topped the survey in terms of population density, real estate, safety, transport, education, job opportunities and accidents. Gurgaon, a de facto suburb of Delhi with a popular development zone, ranked high in terms of housing and educational facilities.

In the residential market segment, Delhi has been known to have made the most astronomical transactions where properties sell for millions. This trend though most common in the posh localities of South Delhi is now moving towards earlier less significant places like Dwarka. The rental values of residential properties like the apartments and independent houses are quite high. The corporate leasing and diplomats in the city are in a way responsible for the trend, as they opt for the high-end properties.

As a home to several multinational companies, Delhi witnesses an unparalleled growth in the commercial real estate sector. With booming IT, Delhi have played a crucial role in altering the commercial real estate set-up of the city and prepared it to cater to demanding needs of the business market. Staying in step with the development of commercial sector, Delhi residential market is also equally poised to give a strong boost to its real estate sector. The emerging trend here is that of large projects with several blocks of apartments offering an array of amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, club house etc.

With Delhi Real Estate witnessing appreciation at a fast rate, property investment in the city is worth the idea. To help you further develop your ideas into successful deals, information technology provides you with the data to assist you in reviewing all the potential areas for your precious investments in Delhi’s property market. Delhi has witnessed an immense growth in the last few years. The key factors responsible for the retail boom have been the change in consumer profile and demographics, increase in the number of international brands available in the Indian market, economic implications of the government, increasing urbanization, credit availability, improvement in the infrastructure, increasing investments in technology and real estate building a world class shopping environment for the consumers.

Thus, the face of real estate market in the city is changing too fast. Only a reliable source of quick real estate news in Delhi will keep you ahead of the changing times. Website and Information Technology have become a good source to procure property news and information in a convenient way for the investors, real estate agents and builders. With just a few clicks, you are at the doorstep of loads of information and latest real estate news. Over the years, technology and internet has carved out a niche in the domain of real estate by providing a one-stop solution to all kinds of property needs. In order to keep you informed about the latest developments, use of information technology and various Real Estate Software are used by realty dealers. With superfast and extremely efficient technology at affordable prices, with just few clicks it gives humongous information to investors, agents and builders and to the masses seeking their dream homes. Thus booming realty sector and increasing limitless investments in Delhi, information technology and internet has become an integral part of real estate sector. Real Estate Websites for lead generation, CRM systems for consultants and developers are becoming indispensable for real estate professionals !

Software for real estate Pune

Real Estate activities in Pune have widened to a great extent in the past decade. IT, BPO sectors & corporate houses looking for commercial properties have changed the face of Real Estate market in city. A lot of commercial Space is also occupied by malls, multiplexes, clubs, hotels & retail stores. A lot people who want to lead a peaceful life wind up their space in metro cities & settle in Pune. Those who migrate to Pune for work or due to transfers look for rented flats or apartments. All this results into growth of real Estate Sector in Pune. Rates in Pune range between Rs2000/- to Rs 6000/- for residential & go upto Rs.6600/- per sq.ft for commercial space.

As the IT Infrastructure of India makes Pune its prime location, this has kept the Pune rentals market at the upfront. Houses on rent in Pune are available in plenty and at affordable rates. The Pune real estate prices are on an upswing with capital appreciation of 25-30% per year. Pune has always been well known for high level education, culture, crowd and now the IT sector. Large chunk of the population is migrating to Pune from various parts of the country.

Pune real estate is a market with numerous opportunities for the real estate developers, potential investors as well as the real estate agents in Pune. Hence tackling such a huge market base is difficult. To make a real estate agent more professional & handy we provide a solution – Realty Redefined Real Estate CRM, a platform which will help them manage their business effectively. The real estate developers can leverage the advantages of Realty Redefined Real Estate ERP for make the most of the leads and efficiently manage bookings and payments. It is rightly said that IT acts as a backbone for realty sector. Accurately remembering such huge data of properties, requirements, areas, rates etc is not possible. Hence the need for a complete CRM solution which will help Realtors maintain all such data at their finger tips. Information Technology will generally help realtors getting inputs to the software which will automatically process the data & get valuable outputs (results). Business today is complicated which can be simplified with the help of Information Technology & Management Information System (MIS). Information technology will help avoid data manipulation & generate effective data management systems.

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Software for real estate Mumbai

Mumbai being India’s economic capital is one of the biggest as well as the most expensive real estate market in the country. Although the economic downturn of 2008-09 did take the sheen off the property rates that were continuously booming for nearly four years, a rebound is slowly but surely being seen in the market. Various factors such as better than anticipated growth of the economy, high liquidity, low interest rates, higher disposable income etc have contributed to the uptrend. Besides, being the hub of reputed companies in the finance, insurance, IT/ITES, pharmaceutical and telecom sectors, there has always been huge requirement of quality commercial space. No wonder then that office rental in Mumbai areas such as Cuffe Parade, Nariman Point and BKC rival those of top destinations like Tokyo, Manhattan and London! The increasing realty prices are also being fueled by a huge demand supply gap. There is hardly any new land available in the city area and most of the construction is of the redevelopment type. This in turn has put upwards pressure on the property prices in the suburbs too.

This scenario has presented an immense opportunity for developers and consultants alike because of the massive profits involved. Having a mega project in Mumbai is always on the wish list of most real estate developers. Similarly, with prices of residential and commercial units quoting in crores of rupees, even a couple of high end deals enable real estate consultants to make handsome profits. Consequently, there has been a mushrooming of real estate advisers with some reports suggesting a count of over 25,000 in the city.

It is thus very essential to differentiate oneself, since in this intense competition only the best survive and thrive. There is an utmost need to become professional. Adopting the use of IT definitely helps in this regard since it not only streamlines business but also helps businesses to grow. Fortunately, niche IT players like Realty Redefined are giving real estate companies and consultants a much needed competitive edge in the market by offering a suite of business solutions especially designed for them. By opting for CRM solutions, professional client communication, targeted marketing and online presence, realtors are not only building trusted partnerships with their clients but also giving a new face to this unorganized real estate industry.

Software for Real Estate India

Real estate software India

Realty Redefined is the best real estate software offering for realtors and developers in India. Realty Redefined has been successfully implemented with several real estate entities in India. Based upon many years of experience in the real estate industry, Realty Redefined helps real estate professionals quickly become more productive and effective in managing prospects and customers whether they are a simple real agent with one office or a consulting company with several branches or a development company.

Realty Redefined is a web based CRM system. It comes in two different version that is online and offline. Everything is stored in a single database which would help you to communicate with your clients in a better way. We also help Realtors to share their properties /requirement with each other and vice versa.

Realty Redefined is also integrated with a server from where developers can publish and Realtors get access to several upcoming and ongoing projects details in and around the cities with complete details like floor plan, configuration, contact details etc.

Realty Redefined comes with integrated websites which would help Realtors and real estate developers to market their property with photos/videos etc with prospect generation features. Realty Redefined is a 3rd generation CRM system which comes up with integrated services which would help realtors to take their business to next level.

Realty Redefined is successfully implemented on more than 300 Realtors like HDFC, DHFL etc and apart from the many client testimonials. CNBC covered the success story of Realty Redefined implementation at HDFC Realty

What are the features of real estate websites?

Your real estate website should clearly state your unique proposition – your capabilities, your experience, and what you offer. A well-designed website should be a terrific hub of information for people living in – or interested in- your community.

Unique Content

The first rule for content for your website is to keep the language formal and professional, while highlighting your capabilities. It should also be:

Accurate & Approachable:

Your content could be focused on the story of your team, or it could even be describing the home-buying process; whichever it is, it is your chance to make a great first impression. Make sure that the information is up-to-date, relevant, honest, and jargon-free. And do not forget to include all relevant information about yourself such as your credentials, contact number, email id, address, etc.

Customer centric:

Customer testimonials are a great way to let your potential customers know what to expect from you. They not only add depth to your site, they also boost your reputation.


Make sure your website is a comprehensive source of current market information. Showcase your listings, and if possible, link them to your real estate marketing portals too. RSquare lets you do this with customized websites that update your information.


Visitors to your website should be able to clearly identify your role and expertise in helping similar customers. You should highlight your areas of service, and adding links to other resources is a great idea.


Commenting on material from third-party sources, such as articles and sales stats that demonstrate housing trends in the area, can broaden a visitor’s knowledge and show that you are updated on the relevant markets.

The design:

The design on your website should not only look good, but should incorporate effective user experience. Wherever possible, make sure you incorporate:

Engaging entry points: Use a consistent headline type and beautiful images throughout the site to help break up content and makes it easier to read.

Logical navigation: Make sure information flows between pages so there’s a natural progression of topics and easy way-finding around the site.

A style that matches your business image: Your site should accurately reflect your style and attitude, as well as the nature of your business.

Credibility boosters: Your company logo, awards, and seals of professional and civic groups to which you belong are all good elements to display on your site. Be sure that you have permission to use corporate logos and icons, and follow usage rules for any trademarked terms and imagery.

Why does website design play an important role in the real estate sector?

You don’t have to look beyond RSquare’s real estate website design solutions for the real estate industry. With our experience of more than 8 years in the real estate sector, we are in a better position to offer you the designs that are relevant to the industry. Our websites are unique and tailored to reflect the strength of your company’s offerings.

Our websites are superior because:

  • Creativity: This is the single most important factor that will set your website apart from the rest. Our team of designers will offer you the best designs to suit your purposes.
  • Uniqueness: Each website we design has a unique template designed considering the needs of every individual client.
  • Crisp and professional look: We give your website a clean, crisp and professional look that is sure to portray your corporate identity online!
  • SEO friendly: After designing scores of real estate websites, we know exactly what it takes to make your website as Search Engine Optimization friendly as possible.
    • We make sure that your content is optimized to attract more traffic searching for your neighborhood
    • The URLs of the pages displaying details of your properties are neighborhood friendly
    • Features like walk scores, walk through videos, google maps help you attract genuine buyers time and again.

RSquare will ensure that you achieve a dominant online presence to help you distinguish yourself from competition, establish credibility, and improve your brand recognition to attain leadership position in the crowded real estate market.

You have the option of selecting from the pool of our templates and go online right away, or you can choose to avail of more customized solutions to fit your exact profile – including your choice of colors and layout such that it complements your brand logo.

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How does property management software help real estate organizations?

Property Management Software is the backbone of any real estate organization. Especially in today’s competitive climate in the real estate sector, every company must take full advantage of all the sources of information to collate real estate inventory information from the market and should be organized effectively.

RSquare – Real estate Property Management Software not only helps you maintain property records and requirement information effectively but also enables you to search for relevant information.

The property management software will help you

  • Maintain all your residential/commercial lease and outright properties
  • Manage the property portfolio by
    • Entering all the property details with photographs and videos
    • Tracking inspections that happen on the property
    • Track the communication that has happened on the property
  • Track lease agreement expiry in case of leased properties
  • Keep a track of payments (receivable & payable) reducing paperwork
  • Email / SMS the property and requirement information from the property management software to your contact and investor groups.

RSquare software will help you increase your lead pool thus increasing the chances of conversion.

CRM system for a real estate developer

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers – including potential customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal; getting and keeping satisfied customers. It’s an overall strategy to help you learn more about your customers and their behavior so that you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers. It’s become almost impossible to build and run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM.

To manage the relationships with customers, a business needs to collect the right information about every customer and organize that information to enable proper analysis and action. This information has to be updated regularly, and make it accessible to employees so that they can provide relevant information to the customers.

Real estate software for developers consists of:

  • Helping an enterprise to enable its marketing departments to identify and target their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team.
  • Assisting the organization to improve telesales, account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing processes
  • Allowing the formation of individualized relationships with customers, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits; identifying the most profitable customers and providing them the highest level of service.

Providing employees with the information and processes necessary to know their customers understand and identify customer needs and effectively build relationships between the company and its customer base.

Why Realty Redefined?

Real estate CRM solutions enable all the different teams such as sales, marketing, and support are all working together towards a common goal, so that you can take your business to the next level.

RSquare offers you solutions to streamline and automate your business processes to give you a complete view of your customers. This also enables you to properly analyze and develop insights into your critical sales, and keep everyone focused on getting new customers while retaining your existing customers.

  • Creating inventory: RSquare helps you configure your inventory (buildings/ flats/ offices/ bungalows) in minutes
  • Import: Import all your leads from exhibitions/ walk-ins/ advertisements/ websites etc. in minutes
  • Email Campaigns: Email marketing has been extremely critical in generating maximum revenues from your leads. Moreover it can be used as a very powerful tool to filter genuine prospects and spend maximum time serving them. To do this, RSquare offers a very innovative Email Campaign mechanism using which you can-
    • Run email campaign for your lead/client database
    • Get a detailed report on
  1. Number of people who have opened the email
  2. Number of people who have read the email
  3. Number of people who have read the email more than once
  4. Number of people who have clicked on any link which is a part of the email content
  • Sales & Marketing: RSquare helps you generate more leads, effectively market through multiple channels, optimize lead management, convert leads into customers, view all account-related information and activities, keep sales representatives working productively, analyze your sales pipeline, and see what’s working and what’s not. An effective RSquare solution helps you keep sales and marketing focused on filling the sales pipeline and generating more revenue rather than manually tracking sales leads.
  • Booking Inventory: Open the inventory for booking, track booking details of all unit owners and issue allotment letters.
  • Payment Scheduling/tracking: You can define a payment schedule (with interest rates for overdue payments) which is configurable at building or unit level. Completely track incoming payments, send payment reminders and keep track of overdue payments with auto interest computation
  • Activity Management: RSquare lets you view all customer transactions, capture important information about customer interactions, and manage your tasks and follow-up activities.
  • Reports: RSquare helps you to generate reports like quotations, allotments letters, and many more.
  • Integrate with websites: You can integrate your CRM with your website to allow you to market your projects on your website with multiple photos and videos.  Complete project information with comprehensive photo gallery which can updated very easily as and when required. Virtual 3D walk-through for online inspection of sample flats. Upload project brochures. Online registration and lead generation mechanism. Get complete statistics on number of visitors/ time spent on the website/ projects browsed etc.

Why does a real estate developer need software solutions?

Real estate agent software provides a robust platform to completely manage end to end execution of their sales process. Real estate developers need a system that can automate the entire sales process allowing them to expedite the sales of their projects and boost profits. With RSquare, the real estate agents can:

  • Create their inventory
  • Define the payment structure for bookings in the inventory
  • Open the inventory for sale
  • Track leads from several sources
  • Manage brokers
  • Manage bookings
  • Track payments with interest calculation in case of delayed payments
  • Generate professional reports including
    • Demand letters
    • Flat quotations
    • Allotment letters
    • Possession letters
    • Flat cancellation letters
    • Flat cancellation letters with profit
    • Payment receipts

Although the real estate developers have huge marketing budgets, they lack a system that can manage the leads that are generated from the systems’ marketing activities. RQube, Realty Redefined’s Real Estate ERP not only enables the developers to automate the sales processes but also enables them to retain and make new customers by empowering them to market their projects through different digital channels.

How does CRM automate your work?

Customer Relationship Management systems enable companies to achieve the following objectives:

  • Streamlined real estate sales and marketing processes
  • Higher sales and marketing productivity
  • Added cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Improved customer service, loyalty, and retention
  • Higher number of deals
  • Better profiling and targeting
  • Reduced expenses
  • Higher overall profitability

RSquare automation in real estate

The RSquare application provides an array of capabilities to streamline all phases of the sales process, thus minimizing the time that sales representatives need to spend on manual data entry and administration. This allows them to successfully pursue more clients in a shorter period than otherwise possible. RSquare is powered by a strong Content Management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective customer, from the first contact to the final closure. RSquare also includes modules for more opportunities, territories, sales forecasts, and workflow automation, and product knowledge.

RSquare adds a lot of value in the real estate domain as it allows the Realtors to efficiently manage and track their properties and requirements.

Systems for marketing (also referred to as ‘marketing automation’) help the enterprise identify and target its best clients and generate qualified leads for the sales team. A key marketing capability is tracking and measuring multi-channel campaigns, including email campaigns, search, social media, and direct mail. Metrics monitored include clicks, responses, leads, deals, and revenues. Real estate developers and agents needs the best available tools to reach out to their clients. Property software for developers and property software for agents enable the real estate agents to reach out to their clients through email campaigns, SMS campaigns, prospect portals, and several other digital channels.

Customer Service and Support:
Real estate marketing is mainly differentiated on the level of service provided, since the products would be similarly distributed among all the providers. Hence, real estate agents are turning to technology to help them improve their clients’ experience while aiming to increase efficiency and minimize costs. Even so, a 2009 study revealed that only 39% of corporate executives believe that their employees have the right tools and authority to solve client issues. Realty Redefined provides the right suite of tools for superior customer service and support.

Analytical capabilities are often in-built into applications for sales, marketing, and service. These features can be complemented and augmented with links to separate, purpose-built applications for analytics and business intelligence. Sales analytics helps companies monitor and understand customer actions and preference, through sales forecasting, data quality, and dashboards that graphically display the performance of each section.
Marketing applications, on the other hand, come with predictive analytics to improve segmentation and targeting, and features to measure the effectiveness of online, offline, and search marketing campaigns. Web analytics have evolved significantly from their starting point of merely tracking mouse clicks on web sites. By evaluating the ‘buy processes & signals’, marketers can see which prospects are most likely to transact and also identify the buyers who need assistance in the sale process.
These types of analytics are increasing in popularity in real estate because the sources of leads have become numerous and the right analytics helps the real estate companies to identify the good prospects and cater to them more efficiently.

Implementation Issues:
Real estate companies understand the importance of retaining customers and also the need of attracting new ones. A CRM system in place is crucial for the success of the campaigns, and also to realize the full potential of your sales efforts.
This does not require huge set-ups; a small team can take care of data entry, and also generate all the client communication documents, and reports from the system. Thus, it is imperative to have a process in place in every organization that enforces the activities to be done when a new property or requirement is entered into the system.

RSquare launched on the occasion of World Brokers Day

RSquare launched on the occasion of World Brokers Day

World Brokers Day was celebrated on 9th June, 2015 amidst much fanfare for the very first time. The event, which has become a landmark event in the Indian real estate space, is the toast of the season. The inaugural edition saw the who’s who of real estate on the red carpet, and the evening was covered extensively by the press. World Brokers Day was launched by Realty Redefined, a real estate technology solutions provider who are working towards empowering brokers to move from the conventional role to a more evolved consultants’ role.
The date is important for another reason: The launch of RSquare mobile application for the real estate brokers.

We, at Realty Redefined, wanted to help the brokers by transforming their role from just providing keys to providing homes for those looking for one. Our goal was to empower this community to global levels, and thus pave a way for their future.

But how does a broker position himself as a consultant? What other value does he have to offer to qualify for the change in title?

To answer this, we looked at the market dynamics. In the last decade or two, the growth of the real estate industry has been tremendous. Real estate is currently the second largest contributor to the country’s GDP. However, brokers, who form a significant portion of this population are a neglected lot. They hardly have any regulations, and in the current market, they were in need of a serious overhaul. As the end customers started adapting to technology, their demands were different. And for this, the traditional methods used by the brokers would not be enough.

Realty Redefined realized the need for a better approach for the brokers. Brokers would need the help of technology to address the needs of the online customer. Moreover, it is not just enough to respond but that this response should be timely, prompt, and should include as many details of the property as possible. For this, technology came to the rescue and led to the launch of RSquare app.

RSquare is a web application that puts a lot of freedom in the hands of the broker. RSquare is available as a desktop platform, as well as a mobile application, that is designed to let the broker work from anywhere. Whether the broker receives a call from a buyer or a seller, he can immediately respond on the move with RSquare. It is easy to create inquiries, respond to inquiries, and forward relevant property details to the interested buyers through SMS, email, and even WhatsApp. This also includes images of the property too. Not just from the customers’ view, but this is a great tool to manage your office too, including your employees. You can have a overview from the dashboard itself which gives you the information about all your employees’ activities, and their current/ future engagements.

More importantly, with RSquare, brokers also get their own website for their agency, and for specific properties. It is more important than ever to have an online presence on the internet since the customer uses it very frequently. According to recent statistics, atleast 75% of customers looking for real estate transactions start with online search. As such, an online website would attract more customers. Combined with the real estate marketing capabilities of RSquare, it is a great way to build your brand and differentiate brokers from the competition.

The idea of World Brokers Day is not an end in itself; rather it’s a start of a process. The process of transformation of a broker to a world-class consultant.This is, of course, a gradual process but the start has been made.

So, have you started yet? Please click here for more details:

To purchase RSquare online, please click here:

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Thank You For Making World Brokers Day A Huge Success!

Thank You For Making World Brokers Day A Huge Success!

The World Brokers Day was conceptualized by Realty Redefined as a tribute to the broker, and to show our support to the community that drives real estate. The event included the launch of RSquare, India’s exclusive app for brokers, and which is a dedicated agent search portal that is completely free to use.

From the beginning, we were lucky to receive tremendous support from the broker community for this initiative. Almost every broker we met was enthusiastic about the whole concept since they agreed that the role of a broker needs a revamp.

The press conference before the event saw a huge press turnout who were keen to understand the event and the purpose. They had several interviews with the various attendees and were very excited about the concept of the event. The YouTube videos and product videos received a positive response.

However, we were pleasantly surprised by the huge turnout. Guests started arriving early, and most of the seats were filled very soon. As they settled down, the conclave started with Mr. Nirav Gosalia welcoming the audience and the guests. Mr. Harish Patel took the stage to explain the reasons for this day, and our plans for this initiative. This was followed by Mr Mayank Vora explaining the product and their relevance to the broker community.

During the event, there was considerable curiosity around the product and we had more than 200 demos arranged for the guests. RSquare is a suite of web applications for mobile and desktop application created exclusively for brokers to help them manage properties and queries. RSquare makes it easier than ever for brokers to work on the go.


The panel discussion was more than ably led by Mr Annurag Batra, Editor-in-Chief of Businessworld magazine. The other panelists included Mr Sumit Jain, CEO & Co-founder,; Mr H L Bagra, President, NAR; Mr Vinod Thakker, CEO, SquareFeet property solutions; Mr J S Augustine, Chief-Innovations and Strategy, Nirmal Lifestyle; and Mr Ashwinder Raj Singh, CEO, JLL Residential. The discussion on ‘Evolving Role of Brokers‘ was a great interaction that saw passionate arguments for a greater and better role for the brokers with the incorporation of technology. The panel was unanimous in their opinion that Realty Redefined had taken a very important first step to get the brokers their due. There were several important points during the discussion that were both entertaining, and more importantly, educational.

Mr Boman R Irani, Chairman & Managing Director, Rustomjee was a revelation on stage with his keen insights and his views on real estate. He kept the audience engrossed his witty oratory and his experience was evident as the Head of one of the most reputed real estate companies. Reiterating the importance of customer service, he said, “It’s better and easier to invest in one customer rather than in a hundred ads.”

But if the audience reaction to the event was great, it got even better when Mr Kapil Dev took the stage. He was pure charisma as we wowed the rapt audience about everything from cricket to philosophy. He was very effusive in his compliments to the young team of Realty Redefined and the audience too. His insightful address was as emotional as it was graceful. It was truly a wonderful evening for the guests as they heard him speak. He felicitated the various associations present there:

Chembur Real Estate Agent Association – (CREAA ) Mumbai
EKTA Real Estate Agent Association – (EKTA ) Mumbai
Estate Agent Association of India – (EAAI) Mumbai
Malad Estate Agent Association – (MEAA) Mumbai
Mira Bhayandar Property Dealers welfare association – (MBPDWA) Mumbai
Navi Mumbai Association of Realtors – (NMAR) Navi Mumbai
South Metro City Association of Realtors – (SMART) Mumbai
Thane Estate Agents Association – (TEAA) Thane
The Association of Real Estate Agents – (AREA)  Mumbai
The Kharghar Real Estate Agent Association – (KREAA ) Mumbai
The Realtors Association – (TRA) Mumbai

Indore Realtors Welfare Association – (IRWA) Indore
Real Estate Brokers Welfare Association – (REBWA) Surat
Vadodara Estate Broker’s Association – (VEBA) Vadodara

This was followed by the most popular part of the evening: a unique opportunity to receive a signed memento from the legend himself. We had a lucky draw for the guests, and 8 winners got an opportunity to receive the memento and a selfie with Kapil Dev. The main points in his speech included advice on being great at whatever you do; he stressed on truthfulness, self-confidence, passion, relationship-building with customers, and most importantly, sincerity. He also expressed great interest and support to RSquare. He invited questions from the audience, and his rustic charm won over the audience in no time flat! The winners of the lucky draw could not stop gushing about this wonderful surprise, and were grateful for the tips on branding and customer interaction.

Mr H L Bagra, President, NAR, was one of the panelists, but what we did not expect was his return gift. He insisted on handing a token of appreciation to Realty Redefined for this initiative and we were thankful for this gesture.He also mentioned that our efforts would ensure a better role for the brokers in the next 5 years.

Of course, the evening then moved on to dinner and cocktails. The open bar and delicious dinner added to the celebratory atmosphere for the gathered guests. We saw several guests appreciate the whole event, and many of them personally met the founders and thanked them for the wonderful opportunity. This was a humble moment for us as the congratulations poured in from several associations and their committees.

We had over 5000 people register on the website, but unfortunately the huge unexpected response meant that we were unable to confirm the invitations of all the interested people. The total confirmation for the event was 650 but more than 750 guests turned up for the event.
However, we were happy to note that our customers had made the effort to visit Mumbai for the event! They had come from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Bengaluru, and even Chennai!

As the evening winded down, it was time to take stock of the evening. When we compared the event to the plans we had made when we first came up with the event, we were really surprised. The evening saw a greater response than we ever hoped to achieve, and more importantly, this was possible only due to our loyal customers. The event truly belonged to you!

Thank you, and we hope to see much, much more of you!

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RSquare – From Broking to Consulting

RSquare – From Broking to Consulting

The real estate sector in India quite deservedly invites a lot of attention both in terms of potential for growth and the ability to change lives. However, given the huge playing field, it is an arduous task. Any change that has to affect the larger picture will have to have a significant impact on the lives of these people.

The first step to change is to decide the direction in which the change has to take place. Given the current scenario of the real estate sector, this issue should directly address the way that the employees of this sector function. What is needed is a simple solution – easy to use, but technologically advanced enough to encompass all the daily functions of a real estate agent.


Is CRM necessary for Real Estate?

Is CRM necessary for Real Estate?

The real estate sector in India has had an interesting growth story. It is the second largest employer in the country after agriculture and is expected to grow at 30% annually over the next decade. The size alone (~ USD 180 billion by 2020) is enough to contribute around 5-6 % of the country’s GDP. Given these figures, the influence of the real estate sector on the country is undebatable, and hence requires a clear understanding and better support.

The fact is, the real estate sector does not get the attention it deserves. Based on the sheer volume or the range of services offered, it is high time that there is a concentrated effort to better organize the sector and provide the right tools to the people employed in this sector.


Introducing RSquare- India’s Exclusive App for Realtors

Introducing RSquare- India’s Exclusive App for Realtors

RSquare is a one-stop solution for all your real estate consultancy needs!

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Where do you Market your Real Estate?

Where do you Market your Real Estate?

One of the better-known phrases in real estate goes ‘Location, Location, Location‘. Originally meant to emphasize the importance of a good physical location in the real estate market, this phrase is increasingly being applied to the marketing platforms of real estate market too. Traditional marketing efforts are targeted for the local markets; real estate consultants would generally have limited areas of operation, other than the big players present statewide or nationwide.


Organized effort is the first step to success!

Organized effort is the first step to success!

Everybody knows what a hassle it is to find a roof overhead in Mumbai. For a city that is known for its hospitality, it is a huge problem finding one decent place to live. Whether you are a student just landed in the city, or have been working here for a while who wants to look for a better place, the battle is long and tiring. You keep approaching brokers who promise you the moon but cannot even show a satisfactory place to live!

It is very easy in such situations to blame the real estate broker/ consultant. It is true that they are responsible for finding you a place, after all they do charge hefty amounts, but every broker has his own side of the story too. He has a large number of properties and projects, and more keep coming up everyday. The number of leads that he gets also is increasing rapidly. The way he sees it, he is doing the very Most Unexceptional he can and showing you all the places he thinks you will like. But obviously, since the data is so disorganized, it is all a chaos!


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