Nowadays, buyers are more likely to search for the real estate using the Internet as it consumes less time and is much more convenient than that from the traditional real estate company. With over 70% of real estate transactions being made online starting from the last decade, as well as the rise of competition from other real estate companies & real estate data aggregation sites, the simple and boring lists to present a large amount of data can no longer attract the potential customers. Thus realtors also need to be more organized, quick, proactive and 24*7 available to their customers be it face-to-face or online. To make your real estate marketing successful, a user-friendly tool for effective presentation of data is definitely required.

Here is where Realty Redefined – A Real Estate CRM System comes as a savior for agents and developers. Established since 3 years in Indian real estate market, it is tested and proved to be the best real estate technological solution available over time.
Realty Redefined is Web-Based real estate software that allows real estate agents and developers to organize and manage property listings, client or business contacts, web real estate resources. It also provides flexibility and ease to real estate consultants and developers to have an access to the system and their complete data from anywhere and everywhere through its online version. For the database novice, Realty Redefined has intuitive interface and ready-to-use real estate-related database solutions make it easy to set up and use.

  • Listing Organizer: keep track of your property listings, generate reports or web catalogs
  • Client Organizer: keep track of all your contacts, print letters, send emails and SMS
  • Business Organizer: keep track of all your business contacts, print letters/labels, send bulk emails and bulk SMS
  • Web Resources Organizer: update latest property photos and videos on personal website, organize useful online resources (mapping systems, real estate glossaries, calculators)

Realty Redefined – Benefits

  • Simple, easy-to-use: Ready-to-use Real Estate Agent’s and Developer’s solution and the user-friendly interface lets you easily and quickly organize your listings, clients, business contacts, web resources.
  • Centralized Database: Multiple offices? Maintain a central database for the access of data from every office and by every assigned employee.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Helps transform strategies, operational processes and business functions in order to retain customers and increase customer loyalty and profitability.
  • Auto-Match Properties: Identifying and meeting customer needs is in as the primary goal of Realty Redefined which can be done by just one click.
  • Configure Projects: Developers within no time can configure their projects as per the needs of the customers.
  • Efficient Lead Management: Lead management for agents and developers has never been so easy with out missing a single client.
  • Inventory Management: Opening inventories for sale and closing deals with just few clicks of the mouse.
  • Complete Business Communication: Bulk marketing/promotion of properties and requirements through email/SMS campaign is as easy and quick as it can be.
  • 24*7 Networking: Sharing of properties and requirements with registered cream realtors in the market with just click of a button.
  • Website Integration: Upload and Update content and photos/videos of properties/projects on personal websites, Alerts on customers visiting websites.
  • Builders Projects: A-Z updated information of all the ongoing and upcoming real estate projects in the market with downloadable data like floor plan, layout, configuration, location map and much more with photos.
  • Performance Mapping: Scale performance on weekly / monthly / quarterly / half yearly / yearly basis which helps making future investment decisions and forecasting.
  • Professional Reports: Auto-generated Property/Requirement Registration, Property Listing, Marketing Expenditures, Inspection and many other reports.

So by the integration of all the above features and many more, no real estate dealer or developer may disagree in the fact that Realty Redefined has been the best real estate CRM solution for them; which has already helped and guided hundreds of realtors to organize, grow, expand, scale their performance, and never miss on market opportunities.

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