The real estate sector in India quite deservedly invites a lot of attention both in terms of potential for growth and the ability to change lives. However, given the huge playing field, it is an arduous task. Any change that has to affect the larger picture will have to have a significant impact on the lives of these people.

The first step to change is to decide the direction in which the change has to take place. Given the current scenario of the real estate sector, this issue should directly address the way that the employees of this sector function. What is needed is a simple solution – easy to use, but technologically advanced enough to encompass all the daily functions of a real estate agent.

RSquare, the latest offering from Realty Redefined is designed with these ideas in mind. It is India’s first exclusive mobile app for real estate consultants. This itself is a huge step in bringing technology to the workplace. This will directly enable hundreds of thousands of agents to work on their mobiles. The earlier, inefficient methods of data collection and storage have an easy alternative that will focus more on customer service than on acquisition. Imagine the difference that this single step makes to the sector!

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As the market moves more enthusiastically than ever towards technology and online marketplaces, the customer moves more out of reach of the average broker. Traditional consumers of real estate have been a part of this growth too, and are moving the marketplace online. Word-of-mouth marketing still remains the strongest way to acquire customers but this word itself is changing. People are more concerned about the ability of the agent to be connected online. It’s not enough to show the potential customer good places and put him in touch with the owners. Real estate agents today should be quick to respond and the responses should be detailed. The chances increase if there are visual elements such as photographs.

RSquare also provides a free website with every subscription. The benefits are two-fold: the agents are now online, and they get access to the digital markets through the built-in marketing avenues.

The benefits of RSquare are plenty. Those who have already started using it on a daily basis all agree that it meets the requirements more than adequately. The effect on the end customer of  real estate is immediately apparent: great customer support, and more information at their fingertips.

If you would like to know more about how RSquare can take you from Broking to Consulting, please call us at 1800-266-0966 or write to us:

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