Real Estate activities in Pune have widened to a great extent in the past decade. IT, BPO sectors & corporate houses looking for commercial properties have changed the face of Real Estate market in city. A lot of commercial Space is also occupied by malls, multiplexes, clubs, hotels & retail stores. A lot people who want to lead a peaceful life wind up their space in metro cities & settle in Pune. Those who migrate to Pune for work or due to transfers look for rented flats or apartments. All this results into growth of real Estate Sector in Pune. Rates in Pune range between Rs2000/- to Rs 6000/- for residential & go upto Rs.6600/- per sq.ft for commercial space.

As the IT Infrastructure of India makes Pune its prime location, this has kept the Pune rentals market at the upfront. Houses on rent in Pune are available in plenty and at affordable rates. The Pune real estate prices are on an upswing with capital appreciation of 25-30% per year. Pune has always been well known for high level education, culture, crowd and now the IT sector. Large chunk of the population is migrating to Pune from various parts of the country.

Pune real estate is a market with numerous opportunities for the real estate developers, potential investors as well as the real estate agents in Pune. Hence tackling such a huge market base is difficult. To make a real estate agent more professional & handy we provide a solution – Realty Redefined Real Estate CRM, a platform which will help them manage their business effectively. The real estate developers can leverage the advantages of Realty Redefined Real Estate ERP for make the most of the leads and efficiently manage bookings and payments. It is rightly said that IT acts as a backbone for realty sector. Accurately remembering such huge data of properties, requirements, areas, rates etc is not possible. Hence the need for a complete CRM solution which will help Realtors maintain all such data at their finger tips. Information Technology will generally help realtors getting inputs to the software which will automatically process the data & get valuable outputs (results). Business today is complicated which can be simplified with the help of Information Technology & Management Information System (MIS). Information technology will help avoid data manipulation & generate effective data management systems.

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