In January this year, Google came up with a competition to see who is the best Google Partner agency in India. According to the rules laid out by them, this competition would run for 6 months i.e., from January to June. The agencies taking part would be judged on several factors: the quality of service, the amount of business they could bring, and also on the best practices in search engine marketing.

We are proud to announce that Realty Redefined has been declared the Team of the Season. Admittedly, the competition was a tough nut to crack, and given the fact that there are more than 3000 partner agencies in India, we knew we were entering a tough competition. However, we were determined to showcase our capabilities, and this was a perfect platform for us to do it. Going into the competition, we were sure of only one thing: we wanted to be the best in the country.

Realty Redefined- No. 1 Google Partner

Realty Redefined has been offering real estate marketing services for more than 8 years now, and this has helped us understand the sector very well. We understand the dynamics of real estate, specific customer insights, and even the best ways to attract and convert customers.

Our digital marketing team really worked their hearts out to make sure that we won by a comfortable margin. At the end of the first quarter, we were still a long way off the mark. However, our team responded to the challenge in an inspired way to ensure that we capture the race before the end line was in sight. At the end of the competition, Realty Redefined had single-handedly raised more than $350,000 in revenues!

We are really happy that we have lived up to the expectations that our customers have reposed in us. Our brand promise of being the best in real estate marketing has been proved once again, and we’ll make sure that it stays that way.

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