The home stretch, they say, is never easy. It is the same when it comes to wading through the property market. More than money, it takes determination, discipline and an awful lot of legwork before you get to sign on the dotted line to buy your dream house. Before you lace your shoes and set out on your house hunting expedition, here are some vital survival tools that need to go in your backpack. Not one for well-crafted metaphors? Well, all we are saying is if you’re in the market for a new home, our list of “Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Home” can help get your search off to a right start

While the square footage, the number of bedrooms and the size of the living room are all important, there are other things you should consider before cashing in that final offer. Let’s start with the basics which you probably already have on your checklist:

Location – A phrase that everyone in the Realty business or anyone who is not new to buying home, is more than familiar with; and for a good reason too is “Location, Location & Location”



You can work around with almost any issues within the home, but one thing that cannot be changed once you have purchased the home – is its locality. A friendly and safe neighborhood with loving neighbors will make it a lot easier to follow the preaching of the Bible – “ Love thy neighbor as thyself”. When choosing your home, consider these following essentials in addition to the charm of the neighborhood – noise from neighbors, traffic levels at rush hours, proximity of neighboring homes, distance from the main road, parking, if you are a pet person – is the home convenient for a pet, and finally access to good schools, offices, public transport, restaurants, shopping outlets and parks.


Budget – Budget is one thing that will top the checklist of every home hunter.


This list would be incomplete without mentioning the budget. While all of us want to own that inexpensive dream house with all the modern amenities, budget yourself properly to a house that suits your lifestyle, as you don’t want to be caught paying through your nose on the mortgage, over the years to follow. Also, staying up-to-date with the real estate market trends can help you get the best value homes within your budget.


The credibility of Builder – In cases, where the keys of your new home are being handed to you directly by the builder himself, be sure to run a quick background check and do your fair share of homework on the reputation of builder/developer’s.


In addition to their years of experience and their profile in the industry, view some of their more recent projects. And if possible, try and visit at least one completed project and maybe even talk to a few of the residents, getting their reviews on the builder. Gaining this information can give you valuable insight and this, in turn, can go on to help you negotiate with the builder.


Amenities provided – If you are purchasing a brand new apartment from a builder do find out what are the upgrades available comparing to the standard amenities that come with the house.


Also, check amenities such as kitchen and bathroom fittings, and in the case of an apartment, check for provisions such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, and so on. While these are pretty much standard features offered with every apartment nowadays, find out the exact terms of usage and/or any restrictions that might be in place or if there is an additional cost associated with the usage of these amenities.


Access of Essentials – Make sure that all the essential service providers – internet, LPG connection, cable television, electricity and running water are able to provide their respective service at your new address.


Every so often, we’ve heard our own colleagues cursing network operators for not being able to provide a new internet connection at their new address, stating they do not have access points in that neighborhood; and how they are being forced to settle with other internet service providers. The only way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you is to make a few calls and find out directly.

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