Long back, People of Mumbai would prefer buying a home in Pune just to relax over the weekend. But now, this city has emerged as a residential and commercial hub itself. Pune has seen a surge of educational institutions, IT firms, and auto part companies in the past few years. All this has triggered development, the importance and prices of city’s real estate to go up! So, if you are planning to buy a property, you can surely make an investment in Pune’s residential properties and buy a property for sale in Pune or an apartment for sale in Pune.


Here are some reasons why Pune is a perfect destination for home buyers.


Small and Clean City


Pune used to be the second home destination for the Mumbaikars during weekends, long before the prices of property in Pune skyrocketed. Even as Pune has developed bounds and leaps in terms of income potential, this city still lives up to the title of “Cultural Capital Of Maharashtra”, as it offers a lot in terms of entertainment like old-world regional cinema and plays. This Queen of Deccan is also not over populated like other metropolitan cities and has retained the lush green nature it always had. All this makes the city you would want to live in with all the urban advantages.


Property Value Appreciation


Properties in Pune have seen the maximum amount of appreciation amongst the metropolitan cities of India, from 2011 to 2014. According to experts, the trend is likely to continue as Pune offers opportunities for the services and manufacturing industries. Pune, which is known to be an upper-middle class city has most appreciation in properties in the mid and high-end segments. Well, all the home buyers look for assurance of growth in property value. This Queen of Deccan is also showing signs of growth and emergence of peripheral areas like Pirangut, Punawale, and Alande. Pune offers a mix of affordable housing and also promise good value appreciation.


Developing Infrastructure


Quite a few infrastructure projects are lined up in Pune which is sure to help the Punekars in two ways making their life easier and also provide for the emerging new real estate areas and opportunities. The new underdevelopment airport at Rajgurunagar is among the largest infrastructural projects here. This long-delayed new airport will replace the old one as that does not surface the need of this growing city.

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