Real Estate CRM

Desktop Application for real estate agents

RSquare for Desktop

is a real estate CRM platform for agents that lets them manage
Properties, Enquiries, Customers, Transactions, Site-visits and more.
The comprehensive dashboard of this Property Management software puts you squarely in the driver’s seat.
  • Manage everything in one place

    - properties, enquiries, customers, transactions, site-visits

  • Professional Customer Communication

    - Brochures, E-Mail, Whatsapp, SMS

  • Manage multiple employees across teams

  • - Setup access and view rights for different teams and employees

  • Make every Enquiry count

    - Track follow ups & site-visits seamlessly

CRM for Real Estate - Website

Mobile CRM application for real estate agents

RSquare for mobile

is an App that enables you to manage your office and respond to customers on the go.
With access to several marketing avenues, and data exchange facility with your peers, it helps you grow at a faster pace.
  • Manage your office from your mobile phone

    - Manage properties, enquiries, site visits and contacts on the go

  • Respond to customers in real time

    - Communicate with customers using WhatsApp, SMS, Email

  • Capture property images and details during site visits

    - Upload photographs and property location in 30 seconds

  • Never miss a followup or a meeting

    - Stay up to date with our meeting and followup reminders

RSquare - Mobile Application for Real Estate Agents


Your personal space on the internet

RSquare Websites

are your customized presence on the internet.
Launch and manage beautiful real estate websites equipped with the latest features from RSquare.
  • <your company name>.com

    - Your brand on the internet

  • No management hassle

    - Easily administered form within the RSquare platform

  • Real Estate Leads

  • - Leads captured through prospect capturing modules flow into the RSquare platform for easy followup

RSquare - Desktop Application for real estate agents


Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

Rconnect allows you to connect with other agents on the RSquare platform
who may have relevant properties or enquiries.

  • Connect

    - Get connected to agents who may have properties or enquiries relevant to you

  • Collaborate

    - Contact relevant agents to improve chances of a Site Visit

  • Grow

    - Do more transactions by working in tandem with other agents in the community

RConnect - Real Estate networking for agents and developers

RSquare Marketing Engine

Integrate your marketing efforts with the RSquare platform
to make sure that you can choose customised marketing avenues to showcase your inventory.

  • More exposure

    - Instantly share your property on various platforms on the internet

  • More leads

    - Get more leads by boosting your online presence

  • More transactions

    - Drive more transactions driving more exposure

Happy RSquare Customers

CRM for Real Estate - RSquare Happy Customers

RSquare Benefits

Let's Start
  • Set up your online office

  • Download the mobile app

    Download the mobile app - googleplay

    Download the mobile app - ios

  • Launch Websites
RSquare- From Broking to Consulting
Pocket your Property
Real Estate Marketing

Capture & digitize a property in 60 seconds from the field.

Market your Property

Market your property on

Real Estate Digital Marketing
Never miss a Lead
Real Estate Leads

All leads in one place no matter where they come from

Respond immediately
CRM for Real Estate Property Management Software

Send proposals to prospects in 60 seconds

Site visits better than ever
Real Estate Customer Relationship Management

Deliver customer excellence during every site visit. Navigation guidance and comparison charts included.

RSquare - Transform from broking to consulting with the most exciting realty CRM

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